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Coworking Space


What are your pricing options?

Please refer to the specific outlet page for membership pricing.


How do I become a member of WORQ?

Step 1: Find a membership option and location that best suits you.
Step 2: We recommend that you book a tour at your chosen WORQ location.
Step 3: Purchase the membership online or during your visit to WORQ.
Step 4: Get ready for your first day!

Is a deposit required to secure my membership?

Yup – a refundable deposit is required for all memberships. This will be returned promptly after your membership ends if the Membership Agreement has been adhered to.

When is my membership fee due?

Membership fees are due on the 1st day of every month. You have 7 days to settle any outstanding amounts before a late fee is charged and/or termination of your membership.

What are meeting room credits and how much do I get?

Each membership option entitles you to a certain amount of meeting room credits every month which can be used to book our meeting room, boardroom, and event space. Unused meeting room credits will not be brought forward to the next month. Bookings are done via the internal WORQ website.

What are printing credits and how much do I get?

Every access card will be entitled to RM20 worth of printing credits. This is a one-time perk (upon sign-up). Printing cost: B&W RM0.10/page, Colour RM0.50/page.

What membership options do you offer?

Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Suite, Lite Membership.

Which membership is most suitable for me?

Hot Desk: If you’re a worker bee who doesn’t want a dedicated spot, and likes to work in open spaces, look no further! Our Hot Desk membership will be your best bet.

Dedicated Desk: Want more security than our Hot Desk membership? This option is semi-private where you get a desk & a pedestal all to yourself in a shared lockable room.

Private Suite: Looking for something with a little more privacy? Our lockable private suites are your best option if you want to be undisturbed by the public.

Lite Membership: Best for those who want to be part of our community but don’t want the long commitment. Lite membership can still take advantage of our member’s discount on meeting room & event space bookings, while also be included in all our member-only perks like exclusive invites to our networking events.

How do I make payment for my membership?

Payment options available: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cheque, PayPal

For Hot Desk & Dedicated Desk memberships, you can sign up and pay online using a credit card.

For Private Suites, you will have to speak to our friendly Sales Manager who will assist you. Please refer to the specific outlet page for the contact details.

How do I cancel my membership?

For Hot Desk & Dedicated Desk memberships:
Step 1: Simply email the outlet (please refer to the specific outlet page for contact details) to let the team know you plan to end your membership before the end of the month.
Step 2: A Community Manager will approach you soon after. Don’t be alarmed if they ask you a few questions about why you’re leaving. It’s purely for data collection!
Step 3: Return your access cards and keys (if applicable) to our Front Desk. They will then inspect your room to ensure things are in order.
Step 4: We will process your refund. Hang in there! It’ll take approximately 5-10 days for the deposit to be refunded to your bank account.

Private Suite:
Private suites are on a pre-determined fixed term. All terms end at the end of a calendar month. For Private Suite customers who want to renew their membership, they need to notify WORQ at least 1 month prior to the end of their term, else the contract will lapse and their suite will be opened for customers on the waiting list.

Is there a Passport Program?

Yes there is!

Single home branch member (Regular hotdesk, dedicated desk, private suite)
– Only has keycard access to a single location
– Day Passes can be redeemed at all locations

Hot Desk Passport:
RM 550 / month for hotdesk access to all outlets in Malaysia

Passport Premium: (Dedicated Desk and Private Suite members)
+ RM100/ month for hotdesk access to all outlets in Malaysia


Do I have to book a tour?

We strongly recommend for you to book a tour as it’ll give you a chance to fully understand the space, and you’ll be able to ask any specific questions you have.

How do I book a tour?

Book a tour (Glo Damansara – TTDI, UOA Business Park – Subang & KL – Bangsar South). Just fill in the form, and you’ll receive an email confirmation. After that, just show up for your tour!


What happens if I lose my access card?

Let our Front Desk Heroes know and we’ll re-issue a card to you at a replacement fee of RM20.

How much does printing cost?

B&W: RM0.10 per page. Colour: RM0.50 per page.
Don’t forget that you’ll get RM20 (per access card) FREE printing credit upon signing up! To reload your card, go to the Front Desk and ask for a reload. You will be billed at the end of the month.

What amenities do you have at WORQ?

Please refer to the specific outlet page for a full list of amenities we provide at each WORQ outlet. Not only that, we also have a list of amenities nearby i.e. restaurants, post offices and more.

For Glo Damansara – TTDI, click here.

For UOA Business Park – Subang, click here.

For Bangsar South – KL, click here.

Can I bring guests to the space?

Yes! All visitors just have to register at the front desk to get access. If the visit is longer than 3 hours or your have more than 3 visitors, we would advise that you book a meeting room.

How much is season parking?

Season parking charges are as follows:

Glo Damansara – TTDI
RM 150 per month for season pass

UOA Business Park – Subang
RM 128/month for reserved parking
RM 80/month for floating bays

KL Gateway – Bangsar South
RM 200 per month for season pass

Operational hours

What are the operational hours of WORQ?

The space is accessible to all members by access card 24/7.

On weekdays, our staff are onsite between 9am – 10pm to assist you.

On weekends or public holidays, our staff are onsite between 9am – 6pm.


Meeting Rooms & Boardroom & Event Space


What are the rates for your meeting rooms / boardroom / event space?

Please refer to the specific outlet page for pricing as pricing will vary from outlet to outlet.

What's included

What’s included in my meeting room/ boardroom booking?

TV screen/projector, whiteboard, WiFi, catering (upon request & chargeable).

What’s included in my event space booking?

Projector, audio system, whiteboard, WiFi, configurable seating arrangements, catering (upon request & chargeable).


Who is your preferred caterer?

We have a few preferred caterers for different options, please contact for the menus. If you choose external caterers, there will be an administration fee of RM100.



You can make a booking for our meeting room online. Please refer to the specific outlet page to book a meeting room. Payment must be made within 30 minutes of confirmation, or your booking will be cancelled.

For Boardroom and Event Space bookings please contact us at


Meeting room: No deposits needed. We just require full payment to confirm your booking.

Boardroom & Event Space: Along with full payment, a refundable deposit of RM500 is required.


If I cancel my reservation, can I get a refund?

Meeting Room & Boardroom: Non-members have 7 days cancellation terms but our normal members get preferred cancellation terms (1 day for meeting room, 3 days for boardroom).

Event Space: If you cancel at least 14 days before your event, we’ll give you your money back. Applicable for non-members & members.


To check availability of our meeting rooms, please click the links below:

For Boardrooms and Event spaces, please send us an enquiry at


We will only block the space once you’ve confirmed your booking with us.

Payment has to be made within 7 days of confirmation. If payment is not received within the timeframe, your booking will be cancelled.



You will be held liable for the state of the Event Space after your event. This means there shouldn’t be any rubbish lying around. If you hired an external caterer, do make sure they clean up after themselves. If you hired our preferred caterer, don’t worry about this, they’ll clean up for you!

Sponsored events

Can you sponsor my event?

Tell us more about your event! Please drop us an email at and we will get back to you shortly. Do remember that we only sponsor events that directly benefit the community at WORQ, and it’s also based on the demand from our community.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, there is a deposit of RM500 for usage of our board room and event space. The deposit will be refunded within 2 – 3 working days after the event.

Operational hours

Our meeting room / boardroom / event space can be booked from 9am to 10pm (weekdays), and 9am to 6pm (weekends).

Thinking of hosting an evening event at our space? Please email

Community Partner

How to be a community partner

We’re glad you’re interested in being our community partner! Send us an email at telling us how you could be beneficial to the WORQ community.

Benefits of becoming our community partner

We’re glad you asked. Not only will you get brand exposure, you’ll also have access to WORQ’s community of people from dynamic and diverse business backgrounds. This is an opportunity for business growth.

For a full list of our existing Community Partners, click here.

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