Enterprise Custom-Built Office Solution

Tailor-made and customisable workspace solution designed to create a space where teams can meet up and prosper by WORQ-ing together

Suitable for: Small to big corporate enterprises

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Services we provide


We partner with you to shape your vision into a strategic plan, balancing budget and timeline.

  • Financial planning: We help you setup and manage the office with low initial Capex prioritising investments to align with your business strategy and risk profile.
  • Project development planning: We ensure your workspace achieves its utmost potential, underpinned by comprehensive due diligence and feasibility studies.
  • Sustainability design: We advocate for sustainability, crafting designs that minimise energy use, reduce costs, and meet sustainability standards.


Using a human-centered design approach, we design flexible office suites that resonate with your culture, team, and community. We strive to make each experience thoughtful and caring, recognising the importance of social interactions in the workplace.

  • Workplace strategy: We envision a workplace setting that sparks innovation and boosts performance, reflecting your unique ethos. Our design approach prioritises creating a workspace that encourages effective collaboration and ready to meet real-world demands.
  • Space planning: We design optimal office layouts to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. Our human-centered design incorporates tall windows for abundant natural light. Games room is also another popular amenities designed for relaxation, fostering creativity and camaraderie through play. Our office design and vision can be through 2D and 3D plans and virtual walkthroughs.
  • Project Management: Ensure every aspect of design and construction aligns with your vision
  • Development Management: Provides guidance on planning, feasibility, and financing for complex projects.
  • Change Management: To support smooth transitions, assisting with logistics, phasing management and effective workspace transition.
  • Cost Management: To oversee all project expenses, from planning and procurement to contract administration.


Bringing your space to life, whether through construction or renovation.

  • Construction Management: Ensure construction process is safe and great quality, keeping your project on track and within budget.
  • Comprehensive Design & Build: We provide a single point of contact, overseeing everything from design concepts and space planning to costing, contracting, and fit-out.


We manage every aspect of your custom-built office upon building it.

  • Professional Managed Office: Your office will be professionally managed which includes services such as a private managed reception, superior cleaning and maintenance services.
  • Facilities Management: We take care of the upkeep of your managed office, security, safety compliance and utilities management (such as water, electricity, and internet services) to ensure an optimal, uninterrupted, and premium experience for your team members.
  • Enterprise-grade IT services: Empowering your business with robust, secure, and innovative technology solutions (eg. managed servers, modern meeting rooms, etc), designed to support your office operations with unparalleled reliability and efficiency.
  • HR engagement: Organising engaging community events that foster connection, collaboration, and creativity to build a vibrant office community.

Why work with us?

Reduced Capex in Office Management

We consult, design, build and manage your office suite for you with flexible financing options. It’s the smartest way to own an office without heavy Capital expenditure.

Custom-Built for Any Team Sizes (up to 800 pax)

Our agile flexible workspace arrangement allows you to easily scale up/down your office suite whenever you need less/more room according to your team size needs.

Strategic Office Locations at Exclusive Rates

Work with us through our property developer partnership network. We would consult, source, build, design and manage your office in your preferred location.

Flexible Office Lease Period

Our typical enterprise clients would enjoy a shorter lease period with us on average of 1.5 – 3 years (with renewal option) vs. typical 3 – 10 years in office buildings.

Trustable Workspace Partner

We’ve served over 10,000 members with >4.5/5 ⭐on Google Review in the past 6 years. We’re driven to share our experience and expertise to help you build the future of work.

Attached Coworking Space

Embrace sustainability by choosing a coworking space situated next to your office. Share amenities and facilities that aren’t in constant use (eg. event space for townhall meeting), and enjoy the flexibility to scale your team up or down in a workspace that adapts to your needs.

Our Clients

Proven Track Record

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Other Enterprise Solutions

Serving as a backup and “insurance”, we can deploy on-demand satellite office(s) for your team within 24 hours. Hassle-free setup of an alternative office space in case of any disruptions and potential threats to your business.

  • Split your team to different WORQ locations
  • On-demand, guaranteed workspace for your team in 24 hours
  • Enterprise-level IT solutions with enhanced network solutions setup & support by our in-house team
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About enterprise solutions

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An Enterprise Solution is an office setting that has been specially created to meet the functional needs, brand identity, and interior design preferences of your company.

Where can I engage with Enterprise Solution?

You have the option of having your new office built in one of the following locations:

1. An existing WORQ location

2. In a new building or area that you prefer to be in

3. In the place where you currently work

What is the process for the Enterprise Solution?

1. WORQ team works closely with you to gain knowledge of your business, workflow, desired design of the workspace, and team culture as well as the required quantity of floor space.

2. The appropriate space is then selected for you by WORQ based on the available location (or a shortlist of buildings in the areas you have indicated as preferences).

3. In addition to choosing materials and furnishings, WORQ creates a test-fit/draft layout and design concept based on your specifications and branding.

4. Following agreement on the major points, WORQ presents a proposal that lists the included services and associated costs.

5. After the proposal is accepted, WORQ will handle the labor-intensive tasks, moving forward with the fit-out and liaising with all contractors and service providers, so you can concentrate on what really matters: growing your business.

6. Welcome to your dream office!

What are the advantages of engaging an Enterprise Solution with WORQ?

WORQ oversees all aspects of creating your unique workspace environment, including:

a. Finding locations and negotiating lease terms with the landlord.

b. Designing the layout, locating, and coordinating with all contractors, from builders to IT infrastructure and interior designers.

c. Interacting and collaborating with service providers including utilities, cleaning and hygiene suppliers, telecommunications firms, and office management team.

d. You just pay one bill at the end of each month.

Plus a lot more! To learn more, get in touch with our Enterprise sales team right away.

How long is the process?

An interior fit-out can be completed in two months or less once all the details have been agreed upon.