Hot Desk

Any desk in an open workspace area.

From RM300 per person/month

Suitable for: Individuals working remotely or as a freelancer, looking for flexible workspaces and business networking opportunities.

Why choose hot desk

  • 24/7 access to the workspace
  • 200 pages printing for black & white or 40 pages for colour
  • Free-flow coffee, tea, and snacks
  • Exclusive discount on meeting rooms & event space
  • Members-only events

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Ample amenities to access

24/7 Access to the Space
Mail Handling
Networking & Events
Printers & Scanners
Meeting Room
Cleaning Services
Coffee & Snacks
High Speed Internet

Additional Flex Desk for +RM100/person to allow your team to work on rotation

Best Coworking Space Awards
Special Jury Award
Best Community Builder
Most Accommodating Coworking Space
Best Coworking Space
Member's Choice Award

About hot desk

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Hot desk refers to a flexible workspace solution where members can reserve and use any available desk or workspace within the WORQ locations on a first-come, first-served basis. With a hot desk, members have the flexibility to choose from a variety of workspaces depending on their needs and preferences.

What is the difference between hot desk and flex desk?

A Hot Desk is any working desk within our coworking space. A Flex Desk is an additional desk, allowing your team to work on rotation with a minimum of 10 Hot Desk memberships.

How does a hot desk work?

You just have to find a desk in the shared office space, plug in, and start working!

What are the benefits of hot desk at WORQ?

Hot desks at WORQ offers several benefits for individuals and teams, including cost savings, flexibility, and networking opportunities. With hot desks, members can choose from a variety of workspaces depending on their needs and preferences. This flexibility can help reduce costs, as members only pay for the workspace they use. Additionally, hot desks can help members network and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and teams within the WORQ community.

What amenities are available for hot desk users?

Hot desk users at WORQ are entitled to access a range of amenities and facilities, including high-speed internet, printing and scanning services, discounts for meeting rooms and event spaces, and pantry areas with free coffee and tea. Members also have access to WORQ’s members-only events and programs, including workshops, seminars, and networking events.

What are the pricing options for hot desk at WORQ?

Hot desks at WORQ offers several pricing options depending on the member’s needs and preferences. Members can choose from daily or monthly passes, or opt for a flexible membership that allows them to access any available workspace within all WORQ locations.

Prices vary depending on the membership type and duration, with discounts available for longer duration memberships. Additionally, WORQ offers custom pricing options for hybrid teams and businesses who require a flexible workspace.

How do I become a member of WORQ for hot desk?

To become a member of WORQ for hot desks, interested individuals can visit the WORQ website and fill in the membership form. Our team will contact the individuals to further assess their needs.

Is hot desk at WORQ suitable for remote workers?

Yes, the hot desk at WORQ is a suitable workspace solution for remote workers. With hot desks, remote workers have the flexibility to choose from a variety of workspaces depending on their needs and preferences. Additionally, remote workers can benefit from the networking opportunities and community events available at WORQ, which can help them connect with other like-minded individuals and teams.

Can I use the WORQ outlet as my business address?

Of course, you can! All of our Hot Desk members are entitled to a business address.

Do I get 24-hour access to the workspace?

Yes, on a Hot Desk membership, you can access our outlet any time you want!

Will I have access to other coworking outlets?

You may purchase our All Access pass for an additional RM50 to access all our coworking outlets.

Am I allowed to bring guests?

You are! Feel free to bring 3 (three) people for 3 (hours), free of charge.

How do I get to the WORQ outlet?

It depends on the outlet you choose. All of our outlets are highly accessible by public transit. For WORQ KL Sentral, you can reach from KL Sentral Station. For WORQ Bangsar, the building is attached to the Bangsar LRT station. For WORQ TTDI, you can disembark at MRT TTDI. For WORQ Subang, it is reachable from LRT Subang Jaya. Lastly, for WORQ KL Gateway, there is a link bridge from LRT KL Gateway-Universiti. Super easy!

What are the operational hours of the air conditioner in the outlet?

Normally, the air conditioner is operational from 9 am to 10 pm daily.

Do I have access to the printer?

Yes, you get RM20 free credits for printing. The printing fee is RM0.10 for black & white and RM0.50 for color on A4 paper.

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