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Tailor-made modern office suites and flexible workspace solutions designed to help your team to thrive

Suitable for: High-growth startups, small to big corporate enterprises

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Services we provide

We consult, design, build and manage modern office suites tailor-made to help your team to thrive.

  • Cost savings and reduced initial Capex in office setup and management
  • Flexible office lease period (1.5 – 3 years vs. typical 3 – 10 years)
  • Private office front with logo
  • Managed private front desk
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Serving as a backup and “insurance”, we can deploy on-demand satellite office(s) for your team within 24 hours. Hassle-free setup of an alternative office space in case of any disruptions and potential threats to your business.

  • Split your team to different WORQ locations
  • On-demand, guaranteed workspace for your team in 24 hours
  • Enterprise-level IT solutions with enhanced network solutions setup & support by our in-house team
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Why work with us?

Innovative and Flexible Office Solution for Any Team Sizes (up to 800 pax)

Create a modern hybrid working culture for your team with our agile and innovative flexible workspace solution. Your team can work in rotation in one shared space, dedicated office suite, or multiple satellite offices custom designed for you

Reduced Capex in Office Management with Flexible Financing Options

We consult, design, build and manage your office suite for you with flexible financing options. It’s the smartest way to own an office without heavy Capital expenditure (or “CapEx”).

Fast Turnaround Office Solution

Need an office within 24 hours for your team? Or are you setting up a new satellite office or HQ in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya (or Selangor) and need it well designed within a short timeframe? We can solve all these for you with our customer-centric and community workstyle culture.

Agile Work Environment: 76% of employees prefer hybrid working

We believe that the workplace can be used to improve the way people and organizations work together. Our enterprise solutions are built to provide a flexible and adaptive workspace that allows your team to swiftly respond to changes. Learn how Ganad Media, a leading out-of-home media advertising provider, leveraged our solutions to keep their team productive.

Human-Centered Design: Transforming workspace for the future of work

We believe that the the future of work is centered around people and hybrid working and flexible workspace is the future. We’ve served 10,000 members of ours to realize this in the past 6 years and we’re driven to share our experience and expertise to help build a better future.

Activity-Based Working: Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Our workspace design encourages activity-based working, where employees choose the work setting that best suits their task at hand. This approach not only boosts productivity but also fosters collaboration and innovation. Discover how Segnel Creative, a high-quality design studio, utilized our enterprise solution to maintain productivity in delivering world-class design services.

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About enterprise solutions

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An Enterprise Solution is an office setting that has been specially created to meet the functional needs, brand identity, and interior design preferences of your company.

Where can I engage with Enterprise Solution?

You have the option of having your new office built in one of the following locations:

1. An existing WORQ location

2. In a new building or area that you prefer to be in

3. In the place where you currently work

What is the process for the Enterprise Solution?

1. WORQ team works closely with you to gain a knowledge of your business, workflow, desired design of the workspace, desired team culture, and required quantity of floor space.

2. The appropriate space is then selected for you by WORQ based on the available location (or a shortlist of buildings in the areas you have indicated as preferences).

3. In addition to choosing materials and furnishings, WORQ creates a test-fit/draft layout and design concept based on your specifications and branding.

4. Following agreement on the major points, WORQ presents a proposal that lists the included services and associated costs.

5. After the proposal is accepted, WORQ will handle the labor-intensive tasks, moving forward with the fit-out and liaising with all contractors and service providers, so you can concentrate on what really matters: growing your business.

6. Welcome to your dream office!

What are the advantages of engaging an Enterprise Solution with WORQ?

WORQ oversees all aspects of creating your unique workspace environment, including:

a. Finding locations and negotiating lease terms with the landlord.

b. Designing the layout, locating, and coordinating with all contractors, from builders to IT infrastructure and interior designers.

c. Interacting and collaborating with service providers including utilities, cleaning and hygiene suppliers, telecommunications firms, and office management team.

d. You pay just one bill each month at the end.

Plus a lot more! To learn more, get in touch with our Enterprise sales team right away.

How long is the process?

An interior fit-out can be finished in two months or less once all the details have been agreed upon.