Flex desk: A flexible solution for a hybrid workplace

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Flex desk at WORQ

More control to your workspace

Global crisis has changed the way we work. Many businesses aim for high flexibility, including their workspace. Flex desk is the ultimate solution to create a hybrid workspace for your business agility.

With a flex desk, you have the most flexible option to manage your workspace. Be it to scale up the space to fit in more team members, or to scale down for a hybrid working arrangement.

Embark on a new age of work

With an unpredictable market, comes an unpredictable future for your business needs. The need for workspace size becomes uncertain, and signing a rigid office contract isn’t a wise choice.

Our flex desk plan offers the most agile approach to office space. You still have your own space in a private office, and with an additional flex desk, you can fit more team members easily when necessary. Holding a team meeting in a hybrid working arrangement is no longer an issue!

flex desk at worq
flex desk at worq

Pay in half, still a fully-thriving team

Imagine having a full-size office space, but only half of the team members come to the office regularly. You pay in full, but half of the money for the workspace is underutilized.

With the flex desk solution, you won’t encounter this problem anymore. Only pay in half for the workspace you use, and you can still have full attendance of the team when it is needed.

Your hybrid workplace era is here

Private Office MemberNew Member
Directly add on Flex Desk for savingBe our Private Office member
+ RM100 Flex Desk/pax
* Get 3 days extra for full team attendance
Private Office + RM100 Flex Desk/pax
* Get 3 days extra for full team attendance

What you will get

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RM800/pax (early bird)



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hybrid workspace solution

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hybrid workspace solution

Add-On flex desk

Add-on flex desk for team members who don’t use the workspace regularly. That way, you can have a full team attendance when necessary.

hybrid wokspace solution

You're all set!

Now you’re ready for a hybrid working arrangement while still maintaining productivity!

You might be wondering

It is a flexible work option in which you do not have to pay the workspace in full for team that works on a rotational basis. Instead, you can combine a private office and flex desk to save more costs.

For a minimum of 4 frequent users in a private office, you can get other team members who come to the workspace infrequently on a flex desk.

Flex desk solution would be beneficial for you:

  • If you have a team of various sizes; 
  • If you demand for flexibility of accessing the workspace; 
  • If you only use the workspace when necessary on a rotational basis; and 
  • If you aim for minimum charges for additional team members.

Okay, let’s say a company takes private office space for a minimum team volume to be working at a WORQ outlet. Then, the company wants another team member to use the workspace, but on a hybrid working basis.

As a solution the company can combine private office space AND hot desk seats, with a minimum fee under a product called Flex Desk.

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