How two creative & IT agencies thrive using WORQ virtual office

Companies need to be agile, and so are these agencies in solving modern workplace challenges using WORQ virtual office.

In recent years, many companies have shifted away from conventional office spaces in favour of virtual offices for better flexibility. Businesses need to be agile, and flexible offices – such as virtual offices, to cater to the requirements. CBRE Spring 2022 Asia Pacific Occupier Survey has predicted the rise of flexible office usage, making up roughly 17% of all real estate portfolios. By 2024, around 50% of companies will be using flexible offices.

Virtual offices provide some benefits that conventional offices do not have, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. As one of the biggest office solution providers in Malaysia, WORQ offers virtual offices for businesses to embrace flexibility. WORQ Virtual Office provides a professional business address, mail-handling services, and other administrative support. Some companies also combine it with other products such as hot desks, to cater to the on-demand workspace need.

Learn how two creative and IT agencies thrived using WORQ virtual office.

Office address & space for a remote creative agency team


Zensite was founded to provide a data-driven design process that improves core metrics. The team helps businesses tackle product challenges and achieve product excellence and returns on their design investment. These challenges are solved by the highly-experienced and process-oriented product & UI UX designers.

To this date, Zensite has a team of nine, consisting of local and international talents working remotely, requiring a flexible workspace solution.

The challenge

One of the challenges faced by the Zensite team was team commitment. Their team members love to move around, which creates difficulties to maintain a stable team and collaborate effectively.

Flexibility is also the challenge that the team needed to tackle. As a creative agency, their team members often have to work outside of the normal working hours due to uncertain creative hours. Therefore, there are days that the team needs a workspace to work at any time.

Lastly, Zensite needs an on-demand workspace with an environment and vibe that fosters creativity and idea generation.

The solution

As someone heavily commuting around Petaling Jaya area, Joshua Yap – the co-founder & CMO of Zensite, had been familiar with WORQ Subang. He decided to have a virtual office at WORQ Subang to accommodate the need for a professional business address and an on-demand workspace.

Zensite had established a virtual office at WORQ Subang, located a stone’s throw away from Subang Jaya LRT station and accessible from the main highways in the neighbourhood. Since then, the Zensite team has had the flexibility to move around and use the workspace 24/7 when such a need arises.

The result

With WORQ virtual office, Zensite had a professional business address to maintain their credibility with their clients. The team was also able to visit WORQ when they need a desk to focus more on work.

WORQ offers the flexibility, and also the best part was the ability to access 24/7, allowing us to be creative during the usual downtime for many,” said Joshua.

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An office with high-class amenities and access to communities for an IT agency


Fintech Rakyat is an automation technology company that helps companies implement, support, and manage powerful automation platforms and IT infrastructure.

With over 9 years of industry experience, they help their clients determine their current state and find areas to grow and improve so that they can strategically align their planned software investment with their business goals.

To establish a better credibility with their clients, Fintech Rakyat needed a workspace that is flexible and able to expand their network.

The challenge

Fintech Rakyat faced several challenges, including finding a coworking space that is convenient for their employees and clients, within a reasonable budget. They also needed a space with well-equipped amenities and networking opportunities.

The solution

WORQ Bangsar South, located at KL Gateway Mall, was the perfect choice for Fintech Rakyat due to its high accessibility and close proximity to the public transportation.

Francisco Pier, CTO of Fintech Rakyat likes how WORQ “offered a space that has many amenities like meeting rooms, private offices, high-speed internet, printing facilities, a classy kitchen area, and awesome gaming room that suits [their] startup culture.” He loves how these high-class amenities are offered at a reasonable budget.

Moreover, WORQ offers a great opportunity for Fintech Rakyat to network with other entrepreneurs and freelancers. The community managers at WORQ Bangsar South were “understanding and exuded a positive attitude that fostered a sense of community and encouraged collaboration,” explained Francisco.

The result

Fintech Rakyat is able to focus on their work and grow their business with the help of WORQ Virtual Office and its Bangsar South outlet, with the well-equipped and affordable coworking space.

The essential services included in the virtual office helped Fintech Rakyat to supercharge their operations, with a professional business address, mail and package handling, receptionist and phone answering services, and discounts on the meeting rooms. Further, the company is able to thrive using the amenities provided at WORQ Bangsar South.

WORQ offered a space that has many amenities like meeting rooms, private offices, high-speed internet, printing facilities, a classy kitchen area, and awesome gaming room that suits our startup culture.”

Francisco PierCTO of Fintech Rakyat

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