Ganad Media levels up productivity using WORQ Enterprise Solution

Ganad Media, a leading out-of-home media advertising provider in Southeast Asia, engages with WORQ Enterprise Solution to keep the team productive.

Since 1986, Ganad Media has been disrupting the outdoor advertising industry in Malaysia, helping companies to grow their customer base through out-of-home media innovations. Now, the company has expanded to Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia, making it a leading advertising & media company in Southeast Asia.

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Ganad Media is committed to continuing to explore many possible ways for brands to advertise and communicate their message with out-of-home media, leveraging such communication channels and branding to new heights. “[We] provide a package deal which accommodates the client’s budget; nationwide advertisement to reach a greater awareness of our clients’ products/services,” Sheera Nair, Human Resources & Administration Senior Executive at Ganad Media, explains.

Not only does Ganad help their clients to advertise its’ products or services, but the company is also committed to building customer relationships by discovering new opportunities to maximize their client’s return on investment (ROI). All this with the objective to raise public awareness of their client’s brand and its products.

Adhering to their commitment to excellence, Ganad Media partners with WORQ Enterprise Solution to ramp up their productivity in providing innovative advertising solutions.

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The challenge: Finding a strategically-located office with existing facilities and access to the business community

To improve productivity, Ganad Media acknowledges the need for an office in a strategic location – with easy access to public transit and major highways. However, there is no single factor to productivity, hence they also needed a flexible office space with ample amenities and facilities.

At the point of release (of this article), the Ganad team consists of 15 people. That is why access to a thriving business community was pivotal to the company’s growth. Networking is at the heart of growth and success, and Ganad Media aims to get exposure to and leverage on a productive community.

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The solution: A flexible office space in a community-centric coworking space

The flexibility to scale up and down the office space is what makes WORQ Enterprise Solution appealing to Ganad Media. For a growing team like Ganad, such scalability is important for future team expansion and workspace upgrade. Hence, Sheera believes that engaging with WORQ is more cost-efficient than taking up a conventional office space.


Moreover, the Ganad team does not have to worry about dealing with a 3rd party to manage the workspace, so they can focus on growing their business. The team finds the move-in process easier since WORQ manages the utilities, furniture and fittings, wi-fi connection, and phone booth setup. “Working at WORQ has given me a different exposure than a regular office. It is very cozy and comfortable hence it influences the mood daily to perform better at work,” Sheera tells.

Being a member of such a thriving coworking space also enables Ganad to connect with a productive business community. Sarah Abdul Rahman, Admin Manager of Ganad, loves that as a WORQ member, she can “join [community events] and communicate with different sectors/industries background.”

Working at WORQ has given me a different exposure than a regular office."

The result: Improved productivity with hassle-free office management

WORQ embodies customer-first values, and this allows the Ganad team members to be more productive at work due to the ability to focus more on daily tasks rather than stressing over office management issues. “The staff are very attentive and always come to our aid when help is needed and do not procrastinate,” Sheera tells.

Sarah also adds, “facilities provided are adequate and cleanliness [is] attentively maintained. [WORQ team] will consider our suggestion whenever we inform them of our needs.” WORQ is humbled to partner with Ganad Media to fulfill their workspace needs through our Enterprise Solution.

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Key highlights

  • A private office with pre-setup utilities, furniture and fittings, wi-fi connection, and phone booths.
  • Scalable office space to meet future upscaling and upgrading needs, thanks to WORQ Enterprise Solution.
  • Easy access to MRT station and surrounded by affordable eateries.
  • Regular maintenance of the office space, so the Ganad Media team can focus more on growing the business and moving on with daily tasks.

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