Importance Of Community Etiquette

Utilizing a coworking space offers various advantages that draw professionals and companies of various scales. Other than knowing what is a coworking space and why you need it, a coworking space also adopts their own community culture such as community etiquette.

While the etiquette may seem diverse, the core principle behind each is simple and timeless: interact with fellow coworkers as you’d wish to be interacted with, and maintain the space in a manner you’d love to step into.

1. Introduce Yourselves

Introduce yourselves in a physical workspace

Introducing oneself is more than just simple etiquette; it’s an opportunity to make a meaningful connection, create a positive first impression, and establish the foundation for a relationship, whether personal or professional. When you introduce yourself, you’re presenting a snapshot of who you are, what you represent, and potentially how you can fit into or contribute to a given situation or group.

2. Be Respectful

respecting one another in a physical workspaceA proper etiquette is being respectful encompasses two vital components: honoring privacy and acknowledging personal boundaries.

  • Respecting privacy is about understanding an individual’s right to keep parts of their life discreet and safeguarded. It’s the foundation of trust and mental well-being, ensuring people feel secure and valued.
  • On the other hand, personal boundaries are the set limits individuals have concerning how others interact with them, be it physically, emotionally, or mentally.

In essence, a true mark of respect lies in the ability to recognize, understand, and consistently honor these invisible boundaries that surround each individual.

3. Communication Is The Key

Communication is key

It is a proper etiquette that effective communication becomes the linchpin holding the community together.

  • You can network with other members in the community and share ideas and solutions. Don’t push too hard and offer help when you can.
  • Moreover, if something is bothering you, communicate politely. It’s better to address an issue calmly and directly rather than letting it fester.
  • You can provide constructive feedback to either the space or other members through appropriate channels.

4. Be Mindful Of Cleanliness

Cleanliness for physical workspace

Coworking spaces host a diverse array of professionals, startups, and freelancers. As these spaces thrive on the principle of sharing resources, maintaining cleanliness becomes a pivotal aspect not only for aesthetics but also for functionality and health.

Other than the management, it is a proper etiquette that members has the responsibility to be mindful of the cleanliness of shared amenities and personal workspace.

5. Abide By The Policy

House Rule Coworking spaces are designed to be dynamic environments catering to a wide variety of work needs. To facilitate this, they often establish specific policies or guidelines, known as “House Rules“. These rules ensure that all members can work productively, enjoy the amenities, and coexist harmoniously. It’s a reflection of mutual respect and understanding.


In coworking spaces, the balance between individuality and community is maintained through etiquette. Proper introductions, respect, effective communication, cleanliness, and following house rules aren’t just protocols; they’re essential for harmony and productivity. The success of such a community hinges on each member’s commitment to mutual respect and understanding. These etiquettes can improve your mental wellbeing too.

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