Coworking space 101: What it is & why you need it

Since the pandemic, there has been high demand from many professionals and organizations in different industries and sectors due to the shift in the way people work. However, coworking space is still an unfamiliar term to many people.

Coworking space: The definition

In short, a coworking space can be defined as a shared office space – an established foundation for a diverse and inclusive group of individuals that are working both independently and collaboratively.

It offers the same infrastructures and facilities that a conventional workspace may provide but in a communal setting. The synergy and dynamics of a community built in such an environment facilitates genuine business networking and connections.

Why you should work in a coworking space

A coworking space is more advantageous when compared to traditional offices. Not only is it more affordable, it is also very flexible due to the variety of subscriptions and membership plans that are available.

Here are some reasons why you should work in a coworking setting.

Strong business community

A coworking space centers around a community of like-minded individuals who thrive to sustain business growth and build a strong company base in order to increase revenue. Being a member of the coworking community, you can collaborate with other companies from different industries to achieve business success.

An impactful community may bring some added value to the companies within the space in a way that fosters brand awareness through active engagement. It can also play a huge role in improving outcomes for the business through a benchmarking analysis of similar business performances in the same space.


Pay less for more amenities & facilities

For early-stage businesses and startups, leasing an office may cripple a budget allocated by the company. The overhead costs, monthly rent, maintenance, and all the other unforeseen costs can be daunting and may affect the continuity of business.

In coworking spaces, such problems may not occur as you are guaranteed to only commit to what is enclosed in the agreement. You have the flexibility to scale up and down depending on the business preferences. The cost is even less, and you get to enjoy ample facilities and amenities, much better than the ones at the traditional offices without the hassle of managing it!

Networking opportunities

Once you join the coworking community, you will unlock more networking opportunities with leading figures in many industries. Through business networks, individuals can have access to more resources, encounter potential clients, mentors and partners and improve their skill set all of which can help to advance their career development.

Thinking about your workspace?

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How a coworking space works

A coworking space in general works mainly on the three plans as follows:

1. The monthly membership plan

The membership model goes by on a per month or per year basis. It helps coworking space members to reflect back on their business preferences and necessities in terms of which membership suits the idea of an ideal office for them. The membership subscription consists of 4 different types of space.

  • Hot desk: A plan that offers any desk in an open space area, and the members are entitled to come and sit anywhere they want at the available spots in the hot desk area.
  • Dedicated desk: A desk in a shared private office area that comes with a personal desk and storage space. It is slightly different from the hot desk plan in the sense that the members are able to work at the same workspace that is reserved for them.
  • Virtual office: A plan that offers members to have a professional business image without having to rent an actual office space. This would benefit small businesses without enough budget to rent and lease.
  • Private office: A plan that offers a private, lockable room. Since you have the space to yourself, it benefits you with a calm and quiet atmosphere that would lead to higher focus and concentration, the same as the traditional office offers with a much lesser commitment on your end.

2. The walk-in model or daily pass

The daily pass enables the public to come and experience working in the space on a day-to-day basis. Some people prefer this second plan due to its flexibility and freedom from any commitments.


3. Hybrid office plan

In a hybrid office plan, coworking space members can have an additional desk in the workspace to cater to the increase in employees. This plan also enables the company to allow hybrid working arrangements, so members only pay for the capacity they need.

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No matter which plans you decide to go with, as a coworking member, you can always benefit from the community, events, promotions, and perks alongside the amenities and facilities in your workspace. As a leading coworking space provider in Malaysia, WORQ provides 24/7 access to the space, free meeting room credits, ultra-fast internet, and unlimited coffee and snacks in the pantry!

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