We are thrilled to express our gratitude to Astro Awani for featuring Stephanie Ping, the co-founder of WORQ, on their show Notepad with Ibrahim Sani. The interview shed light on the exciting collaboration between WORQ and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in building the country’s digital economy.

The collaboration between WORQ and MDEC dates back to 2017 when they recognized the potential of working together to create a thriving ecosystem for startups, companies, academics, and government entities to connect and collaborate. MDEC acknowledged WORQ’s significant contribution to building the ecosystem for startups, leading to the conferment of the Malaysia Digital Hub status upon WORQ. This status is granted to spaces that meet specific criteria, including robust internet connectivity, access to funding and training, and a supportive community of companies.

One of the notable success stories resulting from this collaboration is Segnel Creative, a Japanese company that set up shop in WORQ’s space. Segnel specializes in digital assets for the gaming industry and has brought expertise from Japan while hiring local Malaysian talent. This collaboration has contributed to the rapid growth of Malaysia’s animation industry and showcases the positive impact of foreign companies setting up operations in the country.

During the interview, Stephanie also highlighted the introduction of WORQ Express a new initiative that complements WORQ’s existing co-working spaces. WORQ Express aims to establish mini pop-up co-working spaces in various locations, including small towns and cities. This innovative approach acts as a hub-and-spoke model, making it easier for companies to access co-working facilities and participate in the larger ecosystem. WORQ Express adds value to unutilized spaces within establishments like hotels and helps bring new life to these places by providing dynamic workspaces.

The conversation also delved into the transformation of workspaces in the post-pandemic era. Stephanie emphasized the importance of agility for companies and the need to provide flexible and dynamic office spaces to meet the demands of the modern workforce. WORQ’s approach of building a modern infrastructure for co-working spaces caters to these changing needs and has attracted numerous companies to set up shop in Malaysia.

Stephanie, being a Stanford alumni, compared Malaysia’s entrepreneurial spirit to that of Silicon Valley. She expressed confidence in Malaysia’s potential to become a leading entrepreneurial hub in its own right. The country’s cost-effectiveness, language capabilities, and familial and community values provide a strong foundation for fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. The key lies in providing the right ecosystem and infrastructure to support startups and companies in their growth journey.

In discussing the risks associated with scaling up, Stephanie drew insights from companies like Amazon and their deliberate approach to growth. She emphasized the importance of building a sustainable business model before rapid expansion and how WORQ is following a similar path to ensure steady and responsible growth.

As WORQ continues to expand its footprint in Malaysia and beyond, we eagerly await the positive impact this collaboration will bring to the entrepreneurial landscape in the region. Once again, thank you, Astro Awani, for shining a spotlight on WORQ and MDEC’s collaborative efforts, and we look forward to more inspiring stories from the world of entrepreneurship.

Watch the full session here!
Danial Idrus

Danial Idrus

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