Thank you to CITYPLUS FM  for featuring us. CITYPlus FM is an ambitious, chic, urban talk radio station that encapsulates the fast-paced city lifestyle embraced by digitally savvy residents. Its audience comprises city dwellers hailing from various regions of Malaysia, united by their shared pursuit of the city’s finest and most cutting-edge offerings.

In the interview, Mr. Wong Chea Hao, Head of Real Estate and Product Development at WORQ, discussed the growth journey of WORQ, highlighting its resilience during the pandemic. He emphasized that WORQ is now on track for rapid expansion.

Moreover, Mr. Wong shed light on why not only startups and SMEs, but also large corporations and multinational companies are embracing co-working spaces as a viable office space option.

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Aaron Cheah

Aaron Cheah

I’m the architect behind the marketing department at WORQ putting together the best mix of plan forward to redefine a modern working environment. When I’m not working, you can find me exploring new local food spots or trying out new electronic gadget.