What is a Digital Hub?

Malaysia Digital Hub is an initiative by the Malaysia government to provide a base for attracting local and international tech talent to start, grow and expand their tech business in Malaysia. It was launched in 2017 by Malaysia’s ICT custodian – Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Malaysia Digital Hubs completes the cycle of a digital ecosystem in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0).

“The hub encouraged the participation from all technology startups, as it focused on four categories — growing startups, global technology companies, accelerators and talent builders, and investors.” – WORQ Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Stephanie Ping

So, what do you get in a Malaysia Digital Hub?

Malaysia Digital Hubs are coworking spaces that meet the criteria for providing high-speed broadband and fibre optic connectivity. It has access to government and private fundings, facilitation opportunities and Intellectual Property protection that benefit the community.

Furthermore, Malaysia Digital Hubs provide a vibrant collaborative community for start-up and scale-up to grow together.

Do you know that our TTDI outlet is a certified Malaysia Digital Hub?

WORQ Coworking Space is one of the seven Malaysia Digital Hubs as of today. We believe in creating a productivity community for individuals and businesses to achieve greater results by helping each other. Our mission to bring new opportunities and fostering meaningful connections is what a Malaysia Digital Hub is all about.

WORQ TTDI - a Malaysia Digital Hub

We’re a hub of all sorts of connections, encouraging productivity with fun & focused business community!

What does that mean to you and your business?

1. WORQ is an active, vibrant productivity community that supports your growth

No man is an island, surrounding yourself with like-minded people is important! The entrepreneurial journey is no walk in the park, we here at WORQ understand it as we used to be start-ups as well. The community understands as well as we are all in this together. 

WORQ organises weekly bonfires, members lunch, leisure activities such as games night, karaoke nights in the space to encourage our members to mingle around,  network and exchange ideas and knowledge.

WORQ is an active, vibrant productivity community that supports your growth

2. As a sponsor for your MTEP application 

For foreign Technopreneurs, WORQ being a certified Malaysia Digital Hub also means that we can be your “sponsor” for your MTEP application. Besides that, the hiring of foreign tech talents is much easier with the working visas under this initiative. 

Vice versa, local entrepreneurs housed in our space get to exchange knowledge, skills and learn about the global market from these foreign entrepreneurs.

Read about how to apply it here.

3. Affordable Flexi-workspace with business amenities

Starting your business in a  coworking space has many benefits, even better if it is also a digital hub. You can save on your real estate expenses and operational cost and channel these savings into your business. The modern design and office amenities available gives you and your team a pleasant and comfortable environment to boost your productivity. 

The flexibility of our workspace solution allows you to decide the membership plan that works best for your budget and business. Running on a tight budget? Go with our Hotdesk membership. Want to work in the comfort of a private office? Check out our Private Suites!

WORQ amenities

Part of the amenities that we have at WORQ.

WORQ Amenities

Complimentary coffee, tea, drinking water and snacks.

4. Have access to 1,000+ resources to help your business grow

Being a WORQ member, you get business help of all sorts, including contacts and connections, help with digital transformation and access to resources anytime!

You will also have access to our quarterly flagship events:

(a) NetWORQ Party:

This is a business networking event that we organised for both members and the public. This is where you can exchange ideas, explore partnership opportunities, have casual business conversations and ultimately, getting to know new people!

(b) Entrepreneur Quriousity (EQ) Series:

It is a forum done in an “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” format that allows two-way dialogues, Q&A for maximum takeaway. Get valuable first-hand information based on the experience of the panellists; tips and tricks that you’ll never find in textbooks can be gathered here!

EQ series - Funding for tech

EQ Series – Funding For Tech

Women Day engagement in WORQ

“Each For Equal” – WORQ’s members’ engagement session to celebrate International Women Day

Check out this video by MDEC that sums up all about Malaysia Digital Hub in 3 minutes.

Start your entrepreneurial journey in a Malaysia Digital Hub!

Malaysia is a dynamic country for different businesses and a launchpad to the rest of South-East Asia. From homegrown Unicorns such as Grab, the Malaysian consumer is discerning, mature and technology savvy – being quick adopters of technology and platform economy initiatives. With the Malaysia Digital Hub, it makes us an attractive option for entrepreneurs to start here.

Amazing Deal for you: WORQ invites you to come and experience this amazing ecosystem with a Digital Hub Pass!

WORQ x Digital Hub Pass

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