Working from Home? Make it a professional setup by opting for Virtual Offices!

As the gig economy continues to grow at exponential rates and technology enables an ever wider proliferation of businesses, you may have already started or begun planning for your own business independence by setting up your own company. With this comes the considerations of getting your own office or business address, but at what cost?

How about getting yourself a virtual office?

Rental rates continue to increase as do the costs of setting up your own office (renovation, reinstatement, utilities, internet, receptionist etc.); why spend all that cash on non-revenue driving activities? This is where the Virtual Office provides the ideal solution for your business.

Virtual Office vs Own Office

This is a comparison table of getting a Virtual Office vs. getting your own space

Top 4 reasons for getting a Virtual Office 

1. Register your business with a prestigious business address (and not risk exposing your home address!)
 With a professional address, this allows your business to gain credibility with your customers and clients as a stable and legitimate business, allowing you to distinguish your business from the proliferation of other potential scam businesses on the web.

2. You get a dedicated business landline with a virtual receptionist
With this also comes a personal landline with call forwarding with a virtual receptionist to lend an air of professionalism and convenience for yourself! You or a teammate can pick up the call right from your phone and get your business rolling. All the benefits without the cost!

3. Host your meetings in a professional office space instead of a cafe
Other than that, you also get the option to access a professional office space where you can host your meetings with investors, customers, colleagues or your next brainstorming session with your team.

 4. You are not alone but surrounded by a supportive productive business community
You also get access to our amazing community of businesses to exchange ideas, get or give advice and networking opportunities. Being plugged in the latest happenings in the business community allows your team to develop new ideas faster and receive the feedback needed to make your product/service a success.

What does WORQ’s Virtual Office provide for me?

Top 4 Reasons Of Getting A Virtual Office

WORQ’s Virtual Office, in essence, provides your business with a professional address at a location of your choosing (any of our current WORQ locations). The best part? You do not need to pay for the sqft or rent that comes with it. All it takes is a simple membership and you are well on your way!

Our Virtual Office package comes with:

 1. Mail handling (to keep your packages and parcels safe)
2. A personal landline with call forwarding (through our partnership with OMNI.
3. RM 50.00 worth of WORQ Credits and 10% Meeting Room Discounts for all sites
4. 1 day pass a month (worth RM 40.00)
5. Access to our productivity business community (chat channels, exclusive events, mailing list)

All this value for as low as RM 125.00 per month (based on a 12-month duration) to set your business up for success.

All the benefits without the hassle

Our plug and play Virtual Office solution means that all you need to do is sign up today to instantly get the benefits of a professional address, access to our sites and community, and usage of our space on a limited basis. Everything is designed to ensure maximum productivity at work with beautifully designed offices, high-speed internet, enterprise-grade infrastructure, fully stocked pantries and meeting/event space facilities. Our on-site professional team is always there to help so that you never need to deal with unresponsive landlords.

Nevertheless, your team would be able to work from areas that best suits them, whether it is the flexibility of home or to visit client sites or their neighbourhood cafe. These are all great options to keep employees (or yourself!) happy.

Top 4 Reasons Of Getting A Virtual Office

Learn more about WORQ’s Virtual Office package by contacting our sales specialist at +6010 234 6704.