Getting through the tough time united

This year, Malaysia celebrates it’s 63rd National Day with the theme “Malaysia Prihatin”. It reflects the community spirit of Malaysian being united to fight against the pandemic, working together to rebuild the country’s economy.   

Many businesses of various scale are impacted by the pandemic especially the local businesses. #kitajagakita and #supportlokal are some of the projects started by the local community to create awareness, helping local businesses to survive.

This is a good indicator which proves that the people of Malaysia can be united in bad times, what more in good times,” says our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in conjunction of the launch of the national month. 

So… What is Unity to you?

Earlier in the month, WORQ has launched our Merdeka campaign inviting the public to send in their unique Malaysia story revolving around the topic “Unity”. Three lucky winners will win themselves a one-week pass each to work out of any WORQ outlet.

What is unity to you

In conjunction with that, our fellow coWORQers are also sharing with us all their own experience of “Unity” in their life.

Unity is when we take our initiatives to learn about each other’s culture

Malaysia, being a multicultural country makes us unique whereby we get to celebrate festive seasons of various race and ethnicity. Jegadeswari, known as Jega by her colleagues share that her experience of visiting the open house of her friends of other race and culture. When it comes to Deepavali, her family invites family, friends and neighbours over to their open house.

“We serve Indian cuisines and delicacies to our guests and also a chance for others to also get to know about their food, culture and traditions.”

In return, she visits festive celebrations and open house of her neighbours and friends. 

Viknays, Front Desk Hero also shares his experience of celebrating Thaipusam in Penang. Although it’s a Hindu religious event, Malaysian of various races and many tourists came to witness the procession.

Unity is when we see each other as human beings

Another of our Front Desk Hero, Muzzafar, known as Muz shares that Unity knows no differences of race, ethnicity, religion. “It goes beyond that, we are united as a human race”.

“Unity is when we see beyond races and being united with everyone regardless of culture, background differences.”

Tharsha, the Outlet Manager of WORQ shares a touching story of the friendship she found in her University days. 

This group of friends that are close to her heart comes from different background and race. They stay together with the family of one of her friends throughout their tertiary studies. The family hosted them with warmth and great hospitality beyond race, taking care of them as though they are their children. Other than celebrating each others’ festive celebration, Tharsha and her friends make it a point to take turns eating delicacies of each other. 

There is one incident that touches her as she cherishes their friendship even more. Due to family matters, Tharsha had to defer her studies for three months. When her close friends knew about it, they all decided unanimously to also defer their studies as well so that they can graduate together. Their parents support their decision as they stood by her as she went through a difficult time.

“We have been friends for more than 10 years. Even if they are now working in different parts of the world, we still have our weekly calls to catch-up.”

Unity is when we understand each other even if we don’t speak the same language

Marcus, our sales specialist shares that he is fascinated by the ability of Malaysian (and himself) to talk to people without knowing their language. At the young age of 7, Marcus and his family moved overseas because of his father’s job posting. He came back to Malaysia upon completing his high school education in international schools. Till today he was amused by his experience of getting his driving license. With a basic level in the Malay language, he manages to go through his driving lessons as his driving instructor couldn’t speak English. Both tried their best to communicate in simple Malay and manages to understand each other.

Unity is when we embrace the differences yet respect each other

Tiffany, our community manager who hails from Sibu, Sarawak; shares with us her unique Malaysian story about Unity. Back in her hometown, it is a common sight to have people of all races and ethnicity eating in the same coffee shop (food court). She can order her “nasi berlauk” (rice in Malay), “roti canai” (Indian flatbread), Sarawak noodles in the same place.

“You can actually have “non-halal” dishes while your Muslim friends enjoy their food, sitting on the same table”.

Unity is when we work towards a better future regardless of our differences  

Apart from food and open house visitations, Unity can also be found in workplaces. Richard, our Chief Technology Officer shares that Unity is all about us working towards a better future, regardless of our differences. Together, we can be far better at working together than working alone. 

“I have personally experienced this many times in the organizations that have come to embrace cultural diversity, and I have come to grow significantly from others with different ideas and viewpoints.”

This is especially important when we are developing products for the masses. When everyone can share their background on the nuance of their own culture and communities, we can all be inspired to create products that are better to fit their needs, and this is a game-changer for the team as a whole. Where he works, they always respect and cherish diversity, which keeps the team united moving forward.

We are diverse, but we are one

Multicultural coworkers in WORQ

WORQ is committed to creating a productivity community that is inclusive as we have coWORQers and members from various races, ethnicity and nationality. Harmony and unity can be achieved when we appreciate and respect cultural diversity. One can learn a lot from each other as we prosper together as a community supporting each other.

Multicultural coWORQerMulticultural coWORQer

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