Wall murals are getting popular as more companies adopt modern designed office spaces for their office. Inspirational and artistic wall murals are common in tech giants, such as Google; where many perceive it as the ultimate dream office to work in.  

Having a wall mural in your office is not just about being in-trend with tech giants but there are more benefits besides being just a pretty wall.

Benefit #1: A way to showcase your brand and company culture

A carefully curated wall mural can help communicate and visually reinforce the intangibles of a company. Wall mural story tells your brand story like frescoes in the cathedral and a statement of your brand and company culture, just like how street graffiti is a marker of identity.

You can incorporate your company colours, brand imagery, corporate values into your wall mural. By featuring it at prominent places like reception area, lounge; it sets the mood for visiting guests and set the tone for the workday. 

Top 4 Benefits Of Having Wall Murals In Your Office

Benefit #2: Increase staff morale and work productivity

Curated wall murals serve as a daily boost for the company’s workforce. We spend 40% of our time in a day, average 50 hours a week in office. To some, the office is like a second home to them. Thus, an office that is well decorated, attractive, comfy and designed with the mind of the users are important. It directly boosts happiness and increases the productivity of the staffs. Hence, it is natural that people choose to work in a nice modern designed office versus a dull traditional office. 

Dr.Craig Knight discovered that people feel much happier and work better in a workspace with arts and plants. The results increase by double when they empowered the users to personalise their workspace. He concluded this after spending 12 years studying the psychology of the workplace environment. 

WORQ X Artifigura

Wall mural by Artifigura

WORQ TTDI has recently expanded and we have commissioned local mural artist Artfigura to hand paint their masterpiece on the 22ft x 9ft blank wall. 

WORQ x Artifigura work in progress

Mural artists Acai Baharin and Jasrina Jasni on-site.

Benefit #3: Attract millennial talents

Attractive wall murals in your office lobby and waiting area can also help attract talents. This works especially for the millennial talents who are driven by purpose, seeking self-actualisation in their work. This gives a positive impression to them and they can also sense whether the company brand, vision and mission are aligned with them.

When they feel good and positive about the work environment, it is more likely that they will accept the offer letter to join the company.

WORQ x Digital Hub Pass

A big “Welcome To The Community” wall mural gives it’s visitors, members and employees a sense of belonging to the productivity community.

Benefit #4: Wall mural instantly energise the space 

Wall murals help transform an office space from a sterile dull one to a lively and inspiring space. If your office does not have the luxury of a large window with beautiful sceneries, a wall mural can be a solution to elevate the space. 

Wall murals can also elevate a plain open office with rows of tables and chairs to a cool office like those tech giants. 

“Aesthetic in the truest sense means energy-giving which is what a workplace needs, rather than a bland, industrial environment which can be more like giving workers a dose of anaesthetic.” – Alex Heath, Managing Director at International Art Consultants

Also, wall murals are an efficient way to decorate the space without taking up space in the office. You don’t need to crack your head to get unnecessary furniture to fill up your office space just because the office looks bare. 

Game on wall mural in the games room

“Game On” in WORQ Gateway’s Games Room.

Let's do this

“Let’s Do This!” wall mural in WORQ Subang

WORQ x Millacreates chalk board murals 2

Chalkboard murals in WORQ Subang

Working from home? You can also spice up your home office with a little creativity!

Spice up your home office

After reading so much about the benefits wall murals bring to an office workspace, why not incorporate the benefits into your home office? A bright creative workspace definitely motivates us to be productive, lower the stress and increase your wellbeing overall.

Put up your favourite quote, postcards you collected from your travel, a memento of a successful project and pin it on the wall of your home office.

Feeling artistic or a creator yourself? Try painting your own mural! 

Spice up your home office

If you have the budget, you can also put on wallpaper.

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