How to make the best out of the coworking membership that you have just signed up for? For those who are new to the concept, here are some pointers on how you can get the most out of your membership.

Tip #1: Get to know your local Community Manager and Front Desk team

Every coworking space has a community manager, make friends with them! They are the person that coordinates and drive community events, facilitates connections. They can also tell you what are the available deals and help introduce you to the connection that can help you professionally.

Not to forget also the front desk team, they are one of the first few persons everyone meets in a coworking space. Make a point to talk to them, share your ideas and feedback. The team will be more than happy to help and look out to introduce you to another member in the Community that you can meet for potential collaborations.

Friendly front desk team to assist you in a coworking space

In WORQ, our front desk heroes and heroines are more than happy to help you ease your transition into the Community.

Tip #2: Check out the benefits, deals and resources available

There will be an onboarding session during the first few days you first join. In the session, you will be introduced to the basic house rules and etiquettes to take note of to ensure a safe and productive working environment for everyone.

Besides that, learn about the benefits you get to enjoy as a member. Coworking spaces normally have various partnerships deals that you and your company can enjoy. Make good use of the partner discounts for your business software license, talent recruitment services, payment gateway, etc. to set-up your business or for your company’s digital transformation needs. You can save a lot with these amazing deals.   

Tip #3: Reach out and make meaningful connections

5 Tips To Make Full Use Of Your Coworking Membership

Meet and mingle around during our weekly members’ lunch.

Part of the onboarding process is that you will be added to the communication channels of your coworking space. Announcements, new partnership deals, opportunities will be updated in these channels. All members are encouraged to also exchange ideas, ask for help and share useful information to benefit the Community. 

Prior to the pandemic, community events such as weekly members lunch, bonfires,  karaoke night, games night are some of the events organised. During the Movement Restriction Order in Malaysia, these community activities are brought online to keep the spirit up. The Community is able to provide support to each other, be it emotional or business support. Stay tuned with your Community event calendar that can be found in your community chat groups, newsletters and notice board in the space.

It may be daunting for those who are introverts because I myself is an introvert person too. The goal is not to socialise to collect as many business cards as you can. A meaningful and interesting conversation is all that you need to keep going. You may introduce yourself, your expertise and something interesting about you. This makes it easier to strike up conversations.

Smile and say hi when you arrive office or whenever you meet someone at the pantry. Even though everyone has their facemask on, our smile can be seen in our eyes. So, look up from our phone screen and connect with a simple smile and hello – you may be saying hello to your future business partner, employer and opportunities. 

Tip #4: Giving back to the Community

It is not always about taking but we can gain more by giving back to the Community. Talk to the community team in your coworking space and offer to host or organise talks, workshops or social events. You can share your knowledge and skills to the Community. 

WORQ Bonfire - what makes a leader

Online Bonfire organised for the benefit of the Community.

Community bonfire

Another example of Online Bonfire that was organised by WORQ.

Read more about how you can create your micro-community here.

Tip #5: Utilising the facilities and amenities

Most of the coworking space provides free flow coffee, tea and snacks. Instead of paying an RM10 coffee daily from a fancy cafe, you can enjoy your daily coffee  (and save some money)  in office for free. 

Coworking membership benefits

Enjoy free-flow coffee, tea and snacks while having a casual chit-chat.

To keep yourself productive, we all know that schedule breaks are necessary. Take a break with our massage chair to loosen your muscle knots or enjoy a power nap in our napping pod.

Coworking amenities and facilities

Get a massage from our in-house masseur (a.k.a the massage chair).

You can also utilise the breakout area, discussion booths that are designed to facilitate your creativity juice to have your brainstorming sessions. 

Coworking membership benefit

Meeting rooms are also available for discussions and brainstorming sessions.

The games room can also be an option for your team bonding session, have a friendly match with your teammates or even Community members in the space.

Tips to make full use of your coworking membership

Take five in the Games Room.

Growing and journeying together, both businesses and individuals 

5 Tips To Make Full Use Of Your Coworking Membership

A coworking space is more than just a venue and workspace. It is the community spirit and the people that make it different. Starting off with the right foot helps in the long run, enjoying the intangible benefits of your coworking membership. Even if you are only an employee working in one of the companies based in the coworking space you can also enjoy these benefits. You get to widen your horizon by learning about other industries and businesses.

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