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Telum Media has more than 100 employees working from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, London, Plymouth, Lithuania, and Italy. Therefore, collaboration has been a priority.

As the team in Malaysia has been growing, there is a need to ensure that the team are continuously collaborating with each other. A productive office space is needed to provide the most comprehensive media intelligence product to connect the media and public relations (PRs) communities.

The challenge: collaborate better in a flexible office space

Founded in 2013, Telum Media saw the need for a comprehensive media database in the Asia Pacific region. They update tens of thousands of profiles for journalists and media from across the Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand.

Collaboration is crucial for the company, so it is essential to have an office space to cater to such needs. “We need a space that could accommodate the big team and move in quickly,” says Elyse Chong, Telum Media’s Malaysia Country Manager. “Moreover, a space with sufficient meeting rooms and phone booths dedicated to just Telum’s users.”


A conventional office cannot cater to Telum Media’s needs because they need flexibility to hypercharge their growth. Hence, when the time comes, the ability to expand the office within the same workspace is needed.

Mobility is a key point in supporting productivity. That’s why Telum Media needed “an office that is located conveniently, within a short walking distance to the public transport, such as MRT and has a covered walkway,” says Elyse. Not to mention easy access to shopping malls and affordable eateries.

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The solution: a custom-built office space

Telum Media partnered with WORQ to establish a custom-built office space, where they can customise the facilities and layout design, and WORQ managed the renovations for them.

“WORQ has very kindly agreed for us to take up the public lounge area and provided us with more private phone booths,” Elyse says. “Layout design and renovations – such as knocking down walls, lightings, and many more, were done within a month.”

Agility has been the primary driver for Telum Media to reach their maximum productivity, so when they need to move out from the previous office, they need to do it quickly. “We wanted to take the office lease next to this building, [Glo Damansara], initially, but they were slow in reverting to our request,” Elyse says.

By engaging with WORQ, all of Telum Media’s workspace requirements were met in Q4 2022.

“WORQ has very kindly agreed for us to take up the public lounge area and provided us with more private phone booths”

The result: increased productivity and collaboration

If there’s anything that Telum Media learned from the recent global crisis, it’s that productivity and collaboration are interlinked with each other to support business continuity. That’s why they need a fully-furnished office to improve productivity.

“Everything is well equipped in the space, conducive in its unconventional working setting,” says a Telum Media staff. “I’m definitely having a good time.”

Telum Media also feels the need of having an office space that doesn’t only serve as a place to work, but to collaborate within their goals. Calling their office inclusive, Elyse loves the fact that it has four meeting rooms and four phone booths dedicated to just Telum staff. “With us speaking to teams globally, this helps the team to get their meetings/calls done conveniently and effectively,” she adds.


Key highlights

  • A custom-built office with dedicated space, meeting rooms, and phone booths.
  • Flexibility to scale the office up and down as needed.
  • No hassle in managing the office space, including renovations and relocation.
  • Move in with full-package amenities and facilities.
  • Opportunities to connect with other WORQ members in a productive community.

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