We Are In This Together: Supporting Our WORQ Members During COVID-19

The past few months into the year 2020 has been hard for many, both global and Malaysia. COVID-19 spreads like wildfire across the globe, forcing nations to close their borders, urging everyone to stay home in order to flatten the curve. Days before the Malaysia government announced the Movement Restriction Order (MRO), WORQ too has cancelled all members’ events and community activities so that everyone in the space practices social distancing.  However, amid the global lock-down, we are inspired by our members who are relentlessly forging together online to keep the community close and supporting each other. 

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something by Barrack Obama.

As we watch the increasing number of COVID-19 cases every day not knowing when we can resume our normal lives, it’s easy to fall into the feeling of despair and helplessness. Before we drive ourselves crazy staying home, members are coming together virtually to encourage each other. Events such as member’s lunch and game nights are now hosted online through Zoom and Hangouts, even collaboration between members have been performed online and on our collaboration platforms.

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Supporting Our WORQ Members During COVID-19: Virtual Members Lunch

Virtual Members Lunch combining 3 outlets are held weekly during the MCO.

Supporting Our WORQ Members During COVID-19: Virtual Guitar Jamming Session

Stress releasing guitar jamming session with members from all 3 outlets.

Supporting Our WORQ Members During COVID-19: Virtual writers bonfire

Virtual book discussion session from our writers’ bonfire.

#GIVEBACQ #BAGIBALIQ – Inspired By Our Members To Make A Different

Now, to support our members, we felt deeply responsible for ensuring that all our member’s fears and hopes surrounding COVID-19 are heard. Therefore, we have decided to organise a weekly Friday open forum for our members to dial in and share their stories and to support one another. We have also initiated our relief programme to help support our members and to ease their burden over the growing challenges ahead. We did not stop there, as we wanted to take this opportunity to make a larger impact on our community. So we introduced the ‘#GIVEBACQ’ challenge, where we encourage our members to carry the good-will forward by supporting their own communities.

“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us” – Jackie Mutcheson

Supporting Our WORQ Members During COVID-19: Join the #GIVEBACQ #BAGIBALIQ Challenge

We are proud of our WORQ members who see the potential benefits of bringing people together to create change. As entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective environments, our members are always able to inspire others to work towards a common goal that is far larger than their own. It is their community spirit and their appreciation for the members around them that inspires us at WORQ to provide the best productive workplace for all.

Values And Opportunities – Created And Benefited By The Community Itself

We recently organised a members meeting to celebrate members who have created fantastic value and opportunities for our community. For us, value comes in many forms, such as creating community events, connecting people in the space and even starting projects for other members to participate in. WORQ always encourages these kinds of initiatives that help to strengthen our communities for the future.

Community poem written by Rupi Kaur

Richard Ong

Richard Ong

Richard Ong is the author of Mindsets and Core Purpose. He is deeply passionate about the future and the people in it. He is also a business coach and keynote speaker, with multiple IBM Bravo and Performance awards. He was met by Prince Charles to discuss his entrepreneurial efforts in Malaysia and was featured on national radio.