A design studio goes high-performing with WORQ Enterprise Solution

Segnel Creative, a high-quality design studio in Malaysia, chooses WORQ Enterprise Solution to maintain productivity in delivering world-class design services.

Founded in 2017, Segnel Creative is a Malaysia-based design studio that focuses on the entertainment industry. Partnering with Entacl Graphicxxx – a Japanese design company, the studio provides graphic design & UI/UX services for mobile & PC games, e-commerce, apparel, and many more.

The high-value partnership with Entacl Graphicxxx benefits Segnel Creative in working with the top-tier gaming companies in Japan, carrying their creative solutions DNA. Beyond design outputs, the studio provides an end-to-end hiring process for a winning design team. Segnel does this by listening to their client’s requirements and demands before kickstarting the hiring process and team building. After that, the studio establishes an efficient design process flow and quality control process for their clients.

Segnel Creative is required to deliver high-quality design through continuous training of their employees and quality check processes on the design. To cater to such needs, the studio engaged with WORQ to deliver world-class design services.


The challenge: A flexible office space in a strategic location to boost productivity needs, the studio engaged with WORQ to deliver world-class design services.

Location is the most critical factor for Segnel Creative to provide their employees with easy transportation access. Having a strategically-located office is important for Segnel Creative to allow all employees to collaborate better.

Moreover, the design studio needs an office that can be flexibly scaled up when necessary. The responsibility to protect their client’s privacy and information is one of the reasons why the studio needs a flexible workspace to cater to their needs.

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The solution: An office space in Subang that can be upscaled

When Hideki Fujita – CEO of Segnel Creative, discovered WORQ as a flexible workspace provider, he was moved by how the company was able to resolve Segnel’s requirements for an ideal office space. “WORQ helps us very flexibly, so we could manage our network, frosted glass, and so on to protect our privacy,” said Hideki.


Initially, WORQ gave Segnel Creative the option to set up an office at one of several locations. Now, the design studio has established its office at WORQ Subang in UOA Business Park, located strategically next to Subang Jaya LRT station and the federal highway.

Engaging with WORQ through Enterprise Solution, all Segnel Creative employees can come to the office anytime, thanks to WORQ’s 24/7 access. The design studio also enjoys maximum flexibility to upscale the workspace.

WORQ helps us very flexibly, so we could manage our network, frosted glass, and so on."

The result: Flexible workspace with hassle-free office management

Continuous growth is one value that is embodied on a daily basis in Segnel Creative. As the team keeps improving their service delivery, the demands from clients keep increasing. This leaves room for business expansion, and WORQ’s Enterprise Solution caters to the need for office size upscaling.

Under WORQ’s Enterprise Solution, the Segnel Creative team does not have to think about any kind of office management, including managing the confidentiality of their workspace. WORQ’s dedicated team has it sorted out for the design studio, something a conventional office cannot fulfill. “We are stress-free from various licenses and maintenance matters,” Hideki expressed what he loves the most about engaging with WORQ.


On top of the strategic location accessible with LRT, Hideki is fascinated by the supportive workspace environment – thanks to the amenities, and assistance from the WORQ team with their prompt action.

Key highlights

  • A private, lockable office with the availability of meeting rooms and phone booths.
  • WORQ Enterprise Solution provides an office space that can be upscaled to meet Segnel Creative’s requirements.
  • Strategic location next to LRT station and highways to fulfill the different transportation needs of Segnel Creative employees.
  • WORQ membership releases Segnel Creative from the hassle of managing conventional office space.

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