• WORQ strengthens its network of flex-offices with its 7th site on Transit-Oriented Developments. 
  • All of WORQ’s Klang Valley outlets are on the LRT,  MRT and KTM Komuter lines.
  • The project has achieved remarkable occupancy rates, surpassing 100% in the first month since its initial phase.
  • WORQ is building the future-of-work, flex-office infrastructure to bring a whole new segment of remote work opportunities to Malaysians.


KUALA LUMPUR, 25 March 2024 – WORQ, Malaysia’s leading coworking and flex space provider, joins forces with Sunway Malls, one of Southeast Asia’s leading mall groups, to establish its latest coworking space, strategically located in Sunway Putra Mall on the PWTC LRT train line. Spanning 20,000 square feet, this new upcycled coworking space stands as WORQ’s eighth outlet, and its seventh outlet in Klang Valley’s intercity transit rail system, which marks a significant milestone in achieving its plans towards connecting all of Klang Valley via Transit-Oriented Coworking Spaces.

As the global workforce transitions towards remote work, there’s a unique opportunity to leverage Malaysian human capital by attracting more remote-work opportunities to our shores and incentivizing global firms to hire Malaysians. The office is where work is done and jobs are created; by providing strategically located flex-offices at Transit-Oriented Developments, we are not only supporting a sustainable commuting culture but also empowering our transit system with productive working communities and by commuting between the transit lines daily, this increases the usage of our public transport system. Many of our coworking members have switched from driving to taking the trains to work and are more productive now, not just while they work in our spaces, but on the way to work, in between meetings all over town, and on their way back home, ” shared Stephanie Ping, CEO and co-founder of WORQ.

This transit-oriented development (TOD) approach liberalises real estate, allowing people to easily commute between multiple offices and locations, all while reducing their reliance on cars which aligns well with the needs for  flexible working arrangements. 

WORQ’s collaboration with Sunway Group and Prasarana Malaysia Berhad exemplifies Malaysia’s shift towards a transit-oriented community by connecting workspaces with transit lines. This strategic initiative not only makes commuting more efficient but also contributes significantly to the country’s sustainability goals by reducing car dependency and improving employee well-being,” shared Anthony Loke, Minister of Transport of Malaysia

By linking up these train lines with Google-like offices, WORQ has established a unique cloud office infrastructure, enabling professionals to seamlessly move from one outlet to another, fostering a dynamic and flexible work environment. This cloud office infrastructure enables local and foreign employers to easily recruit talent across the entire Klang Valley.

“We applaud WORQ’s vision and dedication to building a cloud office infrastructure that connects office workers everywhere. This aligns perfectly with Prasarana’s commitment to making public transport the preferred mode of travel in the Klang Valley. By liberalising real estate and facilitating seamless transitions between outlets, WORQ not only promotes the use of public transportation but also amplifies accessibility and flexibility to meet the needs of the modern workforce,” shared Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah, Prasarana’s President and Group CEO.


The project also renders an existing space, utilising the layout and creatively renovating it to be a modern coworking space. This upcycling exercise allows WORQ to revitalise existing infrastructure and spaces in Malaysia’s vast retail landscape to take advantage of the location and convenience of the mall. 

Transforming malls with innovative space usage, sustainably

Malls are evolving in the post-pandemic landscape due to the significant shift in real estate demand. These spaces are being repurposed into dynamic mixed-use projects and mall owners should capitalise on the growing demand for community oriented coworking spaces by partnering with established operators to transform malls into vibrant work environments that attract footfall even during the weekdays.

HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks shared, “Sunway Malls is committed to leading with sustainability and we are delighted with this strategic partnership with WORQ. Through our collaborative efforts at Sunway Putra Mall, WORQ has skillfully demonstrated that thoughtful refurbishment can both preserve the environment and drive profitability. This initiative, apart from value-adding through the introduction of new forms of use-case formats for malls, also sets a new standard for the longevity of office spaces by reusing and repurposing existing fit-out. This partnership is a testament to our shared belief that environmental stewardship and business success are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact, complementary.”

This shift towards flexibility decreases carbon emissions by approximately 118 metric tons annually and promotes recycling and reusing practices, facilitating the efficient repurposing of office spaces without extensive rebuilds. WORQ’s facilities at Sunway Putra Mall feature high-quality, overstocked construction materials from HOMA, setting a sustainability standard and serving as a leading example for other coworking industry players. This upcycling exercise allows WORQ to revitalise existing infrastructure and spaces in Malaysia’s vast retail landscape to take advantage of the location and convenience of the mall.  

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