• WORQ aims to empower 6,000 digital nomads in Malaysia by 2025, injecting a total of RM 360 million into the economy.
  • This collaboration with DE Rantau further strengthens WORQ’s active commitment to the advancement of the country’s digital economy on top of its current status as the Malaysia Digital Hub (MDH). 


KUALA LUMPUR, 20 July 2023 – WORQ, Malaysia’s leading coworking and flex space provider, is proud to announce its collaboration with DE Rantau to launch the WORQ with DE Rantau programme. This collaborative effort between WORQ and MDEC aims to support the initiatives to uplift Malaysia’s competitiveness as the destination of choice for global digital nomads and bring high-value jobs in IT, digital marketing and content creation into Malaysia. This is the latest initiative spearheaded by MDEC following the successful MDH and MTEP programmes.

This collaboration with DE Rantau signifies WORQ’s efforts to actively contribute to the development and advancement of the digital economy in Malaysia through providing high-quality, conducive and flexible workspace across all its locations in Malaysia, with a strong WORQ community ready to support the digital nomads from the mental and social aspects while fostering potential collaborations to grow their business. 

The WORQ with DE Rantau programme is estimated to inject RM 360 million into the Malaysian economy by adding 6,000 highly skilled workers to the workforce as well as enabling new businesses into the economy. Each digital nomad is estimated to spend around USD 1,250 (or ~ RM 5,850) per month with an average time spent in one location between three to nine months. DE Rantau has already issued over 2,000 passes to both foreign and local recipients and is expected to inject a total of RM4.8 billion into the local economy by the year 2025, aiming to attract around 80,000 digital nomads.

This initiative will also be extended to the digital nomads travelling to Alunan Resort on Perhentian Island, in the East Coast state of Terengganu, who will have access to WORQ Express, its seventh and self-service coworking space on the island.

Stephanie Ping, Co-Founder and CEO of WORQ said, “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with MDEC and its DE Rantau programme as a step to attract more digital nomads to Malaysia. These skilled individuals contribute to the local economy and have become a critical part of the global workforce. With this programme, we are making Malaysia the destination of choice for the large global workforce as well as businesses looking to set up offices in the region. The DE Rantau programme’s ambitious goal to secure Malaysia’s position as the top digital nomad destination in the ASEAN region has become a reality,” 

By participating in the WORQ with DE Rantau programme, all pass holders are recognised as WORQ community members and will have access to all WORQ events and community initiatives where they can meet, connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Malaysia has the potential to be a global business hub

This is part of a larger national initiative to reinforce Malaysia’s position as a global business hub, attracting MNCs to set up regional offices in Malaysia and thereby creating high-value jobs in the country, especially in the tech and digital sectors. At present, foreign companies setting up offices in Malaysia make up about 30% to 40% of WORQ’s clientele. This initiative to attract foreign digital nomads through the DE Rantau programme will further enhance the ability of WORQ to attract foreign companies into Malaysia. 

Through this partnership with WORQ, digital nomads can now travel and work remotely across various locations in Malaysia while having access to high-speed broadband connectivity and various other facilities and services that support the nomadic lifestyle. 

WORQ has consistently demonstrated their dedication in nurturing the digital ecosystem. They have successfully proven their strong capability to empower global companies to set up offices in Malaysia through the adoption of flexible workspaces, which is the backbone infrastructure for businesses. This collaboration not only addresses the surging demand for digital transformation but also underscores our unwavering commitment to positioning Malaysia as the leading digital hub in ASEAN. Through the Malaysia Digital (MD) national strategic initiative and its PEMANGKIN programmes, we aim to generate significant economic spillover and enrich the digital economy. Together, we are poised to unlock boundless opportunities for digital nomads, drive digital transformation, and foster exceptional economic growth in Malaysia,” shared Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Due to the rapid advancement of digital technology and the emergence of an information society, 35 million digital nomads around the world are revitalising the nomadic lifestyle at a new level in today’s fast-paced world. This newfound way of life has opened up endless possibilities for personal growth and professional development. 

WORQ aims to provide nomad-ready hubs and specially curated services with technology and high-speed internet connectivity to ensure seamless remote work. Additionally, with a strong emphasis on community building, WORQ creates a supportive environment where remote workers can thrive and collaborate with ease. Whether it’s through shared workspaces or virtual meetups, WORQ empowers nomads to connect, learn, and grow together, making their journey a truly enriching one.

Nation building as a priority

Since its inception in 2017, WORQ has successfully launched seven new outlets and maintained profitability even during the challenging pandemic period. By 2030, the coworking space industry is projected to grow to RM1.3 billion and with its steadily progressing expansion strategy, the company has aggressive plans to expand its total space under management to 450,000 square feet by 2025. 

WORQ’s commitment to creating business-ready hubs goes beyond just providing workspaces. They also offer a range of amenities and support services that cater to the needs of startups and established businesses alike. With their focus on fostering collaboration and innovation, WORQ has become a preferred choice for both local and international companies looking to thrive in Malaysia’s startup ecosystem. 

In line with the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (SUPER), we recognize the critical role of talent in developing a thriving digital workforce that continuously fosters highly skilled tech professionals. WORQ plays a crucial role in fulfilling our mission by providing a conducive environment and a thriving ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs. By offering a supportive community, WORQ expedites the path to success for startups once they secure funding. We are proud to support WORQ as they embark on this collaboration with DE Rantau and continue to play a significant role as the ecosystem enabler, accelerating the growth of Malaysia’s digital economy as well as the startup ecosystem,” shared Norman Matthieu Vanhaecke, Acting Group CEO of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle).

The brand aims to support nation-building through this partnership with DE Rantau and is committed to playing an integral role, along with other government agencies and initiatives. While supporting local booming startups and attracting foreign entrepreneurs, WORQ enables digital nomads to thrive across the country, spurring innovation and economic growth in the country.

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