Thank you to The Sun for highlighting our expansion plans till 2027. We are aiming to have 1 million square feet of our office spaces by 2027 incubate and grow businesses into success. Here are the key takeaways from their article:

WORQ’s Ambitious Fundraising Goal

WORQ, a leading Malaysian coworking space provider, is targeting RM40 million in its Series B fundraising round.

Rapid Expansion Plans

The company plans to double its space under management by end-2023 and aims to triple it to 450,000 sq ft by 2025, with a long-term goal of reaching three million sq ft by 2030.

Supporting Startups and Tech Companies

WORQ has already incubated 300 startups and 100 tech companies, with plans to enable over 10,000 workers by 2025.

Innovative Business Model

WORQ’s Space-As-A-Service model offers scalability and flexibility, contributing to Malaysia’s business ecosystem and sustainable development.

Financial Growth

The company has seen a revenue growth of 80% while maintaining mid-teen net profit margins in 2023.


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