Thanks to TNGlobal and Newswav for featuring our co-founder, Stephanie Ping, on WeWork’s model!

Key takeaways:

Shifting from Growth-at-All-Costs

WeWork’s rapid expansion without financial prudence led to their struggles. The industry now focuses on sustainable growth, balancing expansion with profitability.

Profitable coworking

Companies like Regus and WORQ prove profit-driven approaches work. This focus on long-term viability allows for strategic reinvestment and growth.

The future’s bright

Predictions suggest a significant portion of companies will use coworking spaces soon. Real estate giants like JLL & CBRE, are even partnering with coworking providers to capitalise on this trend.

Coworking spaces not only provide flexible work environments but also play a crucial role in attracting foreign investment, fostering business creation and diversification, and ultimately contributing to the country’s long-term economic success and strategic positioning.

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