WORQ offers those affected by KL power outage a free day pass

To alleviate the strain on businesses caused by the recent power outage incident in Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur; WORQ is offering a free Day Pass for individuals and businesses whose workspaces were affected by the incident. 

The WORQ Power Outage Relief Programme allows employers to offer their staff a free day pass at three WORQ coworking spaces (WORQ TTDI in Glo Damansara, WORQ Bangsar South in KL Gateway Mall, and WORQ Subang in UOA Business Park). We can then accommodate up to three employees per company at the selected location.

Companies and individuals with offices in the affected areas are eligible for a complimentary day of Hot Desk access at any of the participating three coworking locations. To make the process easier for free access, employees can just show their business cards to show they work in the affected area.

The details of the WORQ Power Outage Relief Programme are as follows:

  • Free Day Passes are applicable at WORQ TTDI in Glo Damansara, WORQ Bangsar South in KL Gateway Mall, and WORQ Subang in UOA Business Park from 9 am-6 pm
  • This is based on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Affected Individuals and businesses can just show their business card as proof they work in the affected area
  • Space is subject to availability at each outlet
  • This programme is limited to 3 pax per company in order to provide support to as many businesses as possible
  • [Extended] Valid until 24 May 2023 (Wednesday), 9 am-6 pm only

We have witnessed how these incidents can result in a trying time for business continuity. Should you need help to set up an alternative office space in case of any disruptions like this, our Business Continuity Plans are here to support you.


1. Walk-in

Walk in to any of the three WORQ coworking outlet.

2. Verification

Provide your business card as proof  that you work in the affected area

3. Work worry-free!

Receive your Day Pass and start working.

Which WORQ outlet can I go?

This offer is valid to be used across all of our outlets, currently in:

1. TTDI – Glo Damansara Shopping Mall

2. Subang – UOA Business Park, and

3. Bangsar South – KL Gateway Mall

How long can I use the coworking pass?

Each day pass is only valid for 1 day but can renew on a daily basis until the power outage has been resolved. This offer is valid until 24 May 2023, 9 AM – 6 PM.

What are the things I can access with this offer?

If you are eligible for this offer, you will be entitled to our Hot Desk. You will also get the access to our fully-stocked pantry with unlimited coffee & snacks.

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is eligible for individuals and businesses with their workspace located in the affected areas. You are required to show your business card as a proof.

How many people from my company that can redeem this?

This offer is limited to 3 (three) people per company.

In case such incident happen in the future, how can I engage with WORQ?

Under this offer, you may use our coworking space on Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), 9 am-6 pm.

When can I visit the coworking space?

We’re on a mission to help businesses grow. Hence, we provide Business Continuity Plans in case of any disruptions or potential threats to your business, including floods like this.

By engaging with us, you can:

  • Alternate between WORQ coworking space and your head office
  • Split your team to different WORQ locations
  • Have on-demand, guaranteed workspace for your team in 24 hours
  • Have on-site IT setup & support by our in-house team