WORQ-Aid 3.0: Helping Businesses Through The Pandemic

Digital Aid For Startups, Entrepreneurs, SMEs And Freelancers.

We have got your back! As the digital arm of WORQ’s WORQ-Aid 3.0 campaign, which aims to support businesses through COVID-19 and the effects of the lockdown, SPARQ has rallied together with the members of the SPARQ community who want to give back to the community and support their peers in these difficult times.

The app will provide a 1-to-1 consultation session to businesses and people during the lockdown. These consultations are facilitated by industry experts who have agreed to partner with and provide their assistance via SPARQ.

There are three categories of digital aids that you can apply:

(A) Digital Marketing Consultation

(B) Business Startup/Continuity Consultation 

(C) Business / Personal Portfolio Consultation 

Apply now for the golden opportunity to run through your business challenges, get insights to improve your digital marketing plans, or improve your personal portfolio as a freelancer.

What is SPARQ in the nutshell?

“SPARQ fills in the gap gig workers and project owners have in finding the right fit for professional opportunities, ad-hoc tasks and even personal projects. On a broader scope, the app also stimulates collaborative attitudes in the workforce.” – Stephanie Ping, Co-founder & CEO of WORQ

SPARQ is an app that makes it easy for you to find the right collaborators through its smart matching A.I. system. It is your personal digital community manager, who works 24/7 online to help you find the right collaborators and opportunities for your projects.

Users may request help, recommend opportunities, share their projects and start industry-specific discussions with experts on the app. Furthermore, the profile format allows users to optimise their portfolio and experiences, which facilitates easier collaboration with the right people.


Partners & industry experts onboard

Under the WORQ-Aid 3.0 campaign, we manage to collaborate with several industry experts such as Marketing & Advertising, Digital Marketing, Branding, Web Design, Technology, Entrepreneurship, etc. We are grateful for the support from our partners and community.

Partners and consultants include Jan Wong and Daryll Tan from OpenMinds Resources, Celine Ting from OpenAcademy, Michael Kwan from Traworld, Eugene The SEO King, Derek Yap from GARPU, Bob Lay from Digital Marketing Networks.


If you have questions that do not fall under any of the above consultants’ expertise, fret not! We will reach out to our community and partners to link you with the right help.

To learn more about our panel consultants, check out our Facebook post here.

How to apply?

Step 1: Download the SPARQ app

Step 2: Create, build and complete your SPARQ profile

Step 3: Tap “+” at the bottom bar of the app, select “Ask For Help” and make a post.

(A) To ask for Digital Marketing Consultation:
Post Title: I need help with Digital Marketing Consultation
Post description: Write the help you need & hashtag it with #WORQAid

(B) To ask for Business Startup/Continuity Consultation 
Post Title: I need help with Business Startup Consultation OR I need help with Business Continuity Consultation.
Post description: Write the help you need & hashtag it with #WORQAid

(C) To ask for Business / Personal Portfolio Consultation 
Post Title: I need help with Business Portfolio Consultation OR I need help with Personal Portfolio Consultation
Post description: Write the help you need & hashtag it with #WORQAid

> Click here to read the campaign’s terms and conditions.

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