We were recently featured in The Busy Weekly’s Pick of the Week on their newspaper page entitled “Revitalising shared offices” (共享辦公室重燃生機). Our Head of Real Estate and Product Development, Wong Chea Hao, shared his takes on the coworking space trend in Malaysia and how WORQ helps businesses navigate through the pandemic with the Business Continuity Plans and Flex Desk products.

From the start, WORQ’s objective was to be prepared and ensure profitability. During the pandemic, we successfully secured our third round of investments and received loan offers from six major banks in Malaysia.

Moreover, amid the peak of the pandemic, we implemented a Business Continuity Plan to assist companies in preventing and recovering from potential disasters. We offer pre-established technology setups that our in-house IT team can help companies to set up and maintain.

On top of that, with our Flex Desk membership, companies can allow their teams to work in rotation. This system allows for tracking and monitoring of all access and usage, with the information shared with the company to help optimise their subscription based on the headcount requirements. This approach minimises resource waste, optimises workspace utilisation, and caters to each team’s and individual’s personalized needs.

Our vision is to revolutionise the real estate sector, similar to how Amazon transformed e-commerce and cloud services. We envision a space-as-a-service model that is based on subscription, providing access to a wide range of services.

Coworking spaces like WORQ, offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to conventional offices while providing a sense of community and collaboration. According to JLL & CBRE, it is predicted that 30% of all office spaces will be flexible in the long run, and 70% of businesses expect to utilise some form of coworking space by 2025.

To explore further into this topic, we invite you to read the complete news featured in The Busy Weekly. Alternatively, you can watch the video (in Chinese) below.

The Busy Weekly is a digital newspaper that provides news and insights on business, finance, and economics in Malaysia.

Aaron Cheah

Aaron Cheah

I’m the architect behind the marketing department at WORQ putting together the best mix of plan forward to redefine a modern working environment. When I’m not working, you can find me exploring new local food spots or trying out new electronic gadget.