In this article, we will talk about companies whose services can benefit all kinds of businesses. Today, we’ll discuss Gogoprint, a company that WORQ has experience with.

Gogoprint is an online printing company that has one of the biggest printing platforms in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The company not only provides high-quality service and support to their clients, but they also make online printing much more convenient, accessible and economical for everyone! There are various reasons why Gogoprint is reliable to many businesses, here in this article we will talk about the advantages of using Gogoprint’s online printing services.

When it comes to online printing, the most convenient part of Gogoprint is that their web page is up 24 / 7 with full satisfaction guarantee. In a few clicks, you can already print your wanted items anywhere, from your office to the comfort of your own home. Moreover, Gogoprint’s website has set-up artwork templates that are easy to use by anyone. Aside from templates, you can also go to Gogoprint’s designers to do the designing instead, it is as simple as it sounds!

1. Convenience

Ordering with Gogoprint only consist of few steps:

Step 1: Pick what you want to print: business cards, stickers, booklets, roll-ups and many more

Step 2: Select how you would like to proceed: Upload your own design, use Gogoprint’s offered templates or get Gogoprint’s designers to do the work for you.

Step 3: Personalize your order specs: Size, material, finishing etc.

Step 4: Select the item’s quantity and delivery time, depending on your selection, the overall cost will then be displayed on the web page

Step 5: Finalize all of your picks and check out.

Hooray, you’re done! Now to wait for your order to be printed and delivered to you!

Gogoprint, the convenient online printing platform for businesses

2. High Quality and Affordable

Gogoprint claims that its products are printed with consistency with the use of the best materials and modern machines. While printing in high quality for maximum satisfaction, Gogoprint products are also budget-friendly and affordable for everyone! With the latest technology: they can be cost-effective, making their prices consistent and cheap. Even today, their prices can be as low as RM15.96!

3. Save valuable time, money and quality of life

With the recent pandemic, online-based companies are becoming increasingly popular with people around the world. As an online platform, Gogoprint has turned into a place for customers to print their items. Without going to printing shops, you can create your design anywhere and upload them anytime. By doing so you can not only save time and money, but you’re also practising social distancing!

4. Being ahead with the latest technology

As Gogoprint is an online business, its technology evolves with time. By going through the latest trends and news, Gogoprint is always keeping up with the latest approach to suit their client’s ongoing demands. 

5. Straightforward transactions

In Malaysia, Gogoprint offers a few easy payment choices, which can be through credit card, offline bank transfer or internet banking (Maybank2U, CIMB clicks, RHB now etc). By following the step-by-step guide stated above, the ordering process will start as soon as you pick the offered payment method. After that, the transaction will go through in due time. It is that easy 🙂 

Experience Gogoprint online service today

Experience Gogoprint online service today

Gogoprint’s promise is to have technology-driven, high-quality printing, convenience, great customer service, fast delivery and affordable pricing. After all said and done, why not try them out and experience Gogoprint’s online services? Leave all the work to them while you get to finish up your personal business at the same time. Your order will be printed and delivered right to your doorstep before you know it.