Work from home may not be a one-size-fits-all solution in the long run for the vitality of businesses.

With the availability of the vaccines for COVID-19, does it mean that everything will be back to normal – as per pre-COVID? Unlikely. Does it mean that the future of work is to work from home? Unlikely as well.

Even though many are longing to go back to the office, companies are also receiving feedbacks and requests to work remotely from employees who have experienced reduced commuting times.

Rather than working from home or work from the office, why not consider a hybrid work model? It combines the best of both worlds. 

3 important aspects to consider when you design your workplace of the future

1. It has flexible workspace options.

It should complement the Headquarters with alternative worksites near to your employees’ home. Secure sites that allow your teams to access it anytime and anywhere.

WORQ provides flexible workspace options

2. It includes productive & functional sites.

It should have the capability to set up physical and technology enterprise-grade infrastructure. This is important to optimise team-work and collaboration meetings for your employees.

WORQ creates functional office space

3. It has your health & safety taken care of.

It is vital that proper sanitisation schedule. proper COVID prevention SOPs are in place to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

WORQ has your health & safety taken care of.

How WORQ is answering the call to hybrid workspace arrangements

At WORQ, we believe that the workplace should be treated as a flexible and agile service to suit the changing demands for a flexible and collaborative workplace. We help drive productivity by empowering workers to collaborate, connect and engage.

With WORQ’s ultra-flexible office solution, you may downsize your current office space to a fraction of what it is now and buy meeting room and hot desk packages for your employees so that they work in a distributed work-style; that is, sometimes from home, and sometimes meeting up in our spaces. This bodes well for those companies that are practising a “work-from-home” style. 

You may also explore the enterprise solution plans with WORQ where WORQ build the space for you and you are able to give up part of this space or add more space, as your team size changes. We are happy to take spaces back from corporations as we can turn them into our regular coworking spaces. This makes it much more flexible and low-risk for companies and we are seeing many companies exploring these solutions with us now.

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Flexible working is no longer somewhere distance in the future. Think about how people actually work, and how space is important to you as an organization. Quiet and contemplative work may be suitable for home but you will need a physical office space for brainstorming, networking, mentoring and collaborative work to be done. Human interaction and collaboration are dynamic hence it is best done in a physical space. 

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The future is now, are you ready?