We were recently interviewed by BFM’s Caijin (财今) podcast show which was hosted by BFM Caijin Podcast Host, Chin-Yoong Wong and attended by The Head of Real Estate and Product Development of WORQ, Wong Chea Hao. The podcast discusses how coworking space (or flexible office space) will change Malaysia’s future office scene.

According to a recent study, Kuala Lumpur’s flexible office penetration rate is predicted to increase from approximately 1% currently to 3% by 2028, which is lower compared to other major cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, where the average is about 3-4%. The potential for growth in the flex space sector is substantial, with a target of reaching a 30% market share by 2030, resulting in revenue of RM6 billion.

Listen to the full podcast below (in Chinese) to hear more from Wong Chea Hao sharing his insights on this topic.


Caijin.my is a Chinese digital financial platform launched by BFM that provides daily podcasts and online live broadcasts on finance and economics topics. The platform covers interviews with small and medium-sized enterprises and listed companies, stock market analysis, and discussions on important domestic and international issues.

Muhammad Firhat

Muhammad Firhat

Firhat is a digital marketer with a passion for content marketing. Prior to joining WORQ, he was a campaign executive and content writer in iPrice & Tokopedia. He also enjoys writing for social justice, and his work can be found on Magdelene.co.