Flexible Workspaces, The Solution To Business Sustainability

Work is shaped by three main dimensions: Workforce, Workplace and Work itself.  For the past year, both organisations and individuals have been impacted by the pandemic. We are all part of this large scale experiment of remote working, which has disrupted, but at the same time accelerated the workforce, workplace and work itself.

The role of office space in the future of work

We saw organisations quickly respond to the disruption with Work From Home (WFH) policies during the earlier phase. However, as the duration prolonged, many found this counterproductive and exhausting, especially those with families and little children, or even businesses that were not equipped to work virtually.

With all such challenges, we’ve adapted. The availability of the vaccines, coupled with the need for human interaction, has made it possible for many global companies to shift towards a work model now coined as, Hybrid Working – which is a combination of remote working and checking into the office. This highly workable model incorporates office and home-working for a better work/life balance while reducing real estate costs – which is probably the solution companies were looking for even before the pandemic hit.

For instance, StanChart unveils their permanent move to flexible working from 2021 which offers flexible work options to more than 90% of their employees in over three years. Meanwhile, even though Google has announced their delay in office return, employees are required to go to their nearest assigned Google office for at least three days a week. An email memo followed with a detailed FAQ was sent out to all Googlers to stress the importance of in-office collaboration to Google’s future.

Inadvertently, hybrid working seems to be the future of work and for that, flexible workspace solutions are a must.

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Here’s a list of benefits of opting for a flexible workspace solution.

66% of the business leaders are considering redesigning their office space for hybrid work. – 2021 The Work Trend Index Survey” conducted by Edelman Data x Intelligence.

1. Office as a collaborative space for better productivity instead of just a place to carry out tasks.

2. Provide better work-life balance to your employees as they can reduce their commuting time. This allows for them to work near home, minus the commuting stress.

3. Reduce real estate costs.

4. The ability to hire quality talents from a broader talent base, not restricted to location/ office capacity.

5. Still maintain your company’s corporate culture, which is important for branding and employee engagements.

How WORQ is answering the call to hybrid workspace arrangements


At WORQ, we believe that the workplace should be treated as a flexible and agile service to suit the changing demands for a flexible and collaborative workplace. We help drive productivity by empowering workers to collaborate, connect and engage.

Adapting to the future of work, WORQ Enterprise innovates workspace solutions with the “Flexi-Team Solutions”. Essentially, this solution enables you to minimise your spending and maximising usage by allowing you to pay for what you use and not for your headcount.

The Flexi-Team Solutions is suitable for teams of various sizes that require the flexibility of accessing the workspace so that they can use it as and when necessary. Don’t have your full team back at work? Not to worry, pay only a minimal access fee for infrequent employees to give them access to the space.

Why the Flexi-Team Solutions and how can it benefit you & your organization:

1. Move-in ready space with zero setup cost

Cut the headache of dealing with landlords, renovations, buying furniture and fittings, and everything else required to set up an entire office. Worry only about your business and not the operational costs (not just $ but time and manpower) to get things done.

2. Give your team the flexibility to work near home

Give your employees the convenience of working from an office near home, allowing them to choose from whichever WORQ outlet that is nearest to them.

3. Achieve more productivity at a much lesser cost

Productivity means more than just getting work done fast. It includes collaborating, learning and your wellbeing in career advancement for all levels of workers in the workforce. Not only are our workspaces beautifully designed, but they are designed in a way to encourage productivity and collaboration. Breakout areas, discussion booths, phone booths and even a napping pod for power naps, are all part of the facilities.


Sustain your business with Flexi-Team Solutions

With this new Flexi-Team solutions, WORQ hopes to be a corporate partner that gives businesses the flexibility needed to accommodate the new hybrid workforce, in the most cost-efficient way possible. With options to combine and customize from different solutions — including but not limited to access to WORQ’s coworking spaces, hotdesks and private office suites — companies only pay for the space they need, not based on the total headcount of their teams. WORQ offers free consultation services to build a tailored plan for any company size and special requirements.


Physical cues and spaces to highlight opportunities and events


Quiet huddle zones to encourage productive solo work


Glass used in offices to facilitate collaboration and natural lighting.

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Flexible working is no longer somewhere distant in the future. Think about how people actually work, and how space is important to you as an organization. Quiet and contemplative work may be suitable for home but you will need a physical office space for brainstorming, networking, mentoring and collaborative work to be done. Human interaction and collaboration are dynamic hence it is best done in a physical space.

Wait no more! Book a free consultation to learn how WORQ can help you set up your company’s hybrid workspace.

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Minimise your spending and maximise your usage with WORQ’s Flexi-Teams Solution.