I am typing this blogpost at WORQ TTDI, a coworking space situated in an affluent township in Kuala Lumpur while overlooking the housing estates. It is a sunny Monday in KL today (as of now), after months of haze and river inducing monsoon rapids, this is a refreshing change. These latest installed high tables by the window create the perfect environment to really just concentrate and get your work sorted out, plans for the week, meetings to be had, colleagues to catch up with. There is a low hum of discussion, a palpable buzz of productivity and the clacking of keyboards as Monday gets on its way. I simply love the environment, setting and the vibe it gives, giving me more reasons to cowork from this workspace setting.

Reason #1: It’s The Future Of Work

I have never had an environment of a traditional office. 8 to 9 years of consulting life has seen me sit in the oddest places for work, from the back office shed of a golf course, taxi meetings stuck in a jam in Jakarta, or being holed up in a windowless meeting room by a Harbourfront in Singapore. The world is changing and no more so than the relationship between work and accessibility. How we work, where we work has truly being upended in a big way and there looks to be no going back to the cubicle offices of the ’70s and ’80s.

Coworking is now a global trend.

The Future Of Work – Redefining Work Space

Reason #2: Human Connection Still Matters

At WORQ TTDI, the first site that WORQ had setup merely 30 months ago, the overwhelming majority of businesses are “startup” in nature: enterprises that are testing and stretching the limits of the markets they are in. Nimble, disruptive and impacting industries, this is the epitome of the wave of digitalisation sweeping across markets. Yes, even in Malaysia. We are one node of many in this global shift of what it means to create value and even more so; connections are crucial to making this happen. Agglomeration economies take on a new meaning in the new age of information and data. But nothing takes away from the face to face meetings, the buzz of networking and the environment that enables this all.

WORQ community members in discussion.

Human connection helps better collaboration.

Reason #3: Nothing Beats The Importance Of A Strong Supporting Community

WORQ is serious about the community it creates – events, talks, meetups all facilitate the chances of collaboration, of networking and the opportunity to see your business succeed. As we create and expand to more and more community based-coworking sites, the tipping point effect continues to grow and strengthen.

“WORQ is more than just an office to me; it is a home base for success.”

WORQ Subang members in festive mood celebration.

WORQ Subang members.

WORQ TTDI members in festive mood celebration.

WORQ TTDI members.

WORQ KL Gateway members in festive mood celebration.

WORQ KL Gateway members.