Work From Hotel, The Alternative From Coworking?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs and working employees now can choose either to work from home, work near home in a cafe or coworking space and now – work from hotel!

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive challenges to many industries. The ability to stay agile, innovate and pivot is important for a business to stay competitive. In today’s situation, it is also an important strategy to survive and breakthrough.

Work staycation, an escape from home distraction

For the hoteliers, we are seeing the introduction of the “Work From Hotel” package in order to keep business going. Imagine working from a plush hotel business centre, comfy hotel room or even the lounge at a fraction of price; it instantly lifted the spirit of many that are looking to escape from the mundane environment at home. One can also extend their stay with a discount and turn it into a work staycation – may be a welcoming and exciting idea for those who missed leisure travelling.


Escaping from the mundane home office and distractions.

Missing the recipe for long term work productivity

It is recommended that working from a different environment once in a while helps boost productivity. It provides the mind-shift in giving a fresh mind from working from home. Working from a hotel can be an alternative to coworking, but to make it work in the long run, a coworking space may be a better solution.

A space designed for productivity

Whereas a hotel is designed to allow you to relax and recharge, coworking space is primarily designed to boost your work productivity. Each corner of the space and facilities included went through careful selection.

1) Usage of wallpaper and wall murals

Wall murals that exhibit positivity, thought-inspiring can be seen in various corners.


2) Bright spaces filled with abundant natural light

Believe it or not, office space lit with natural sunlight shining through large windows makes it appealing and happy place to work in. Based on a study by Dr. Alan Hedge of Cornell University’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, it will also help reduce eye strain, improved mood, fewer report of headaches, less drowsiness and lesser mistakes in work.


Large windows that allow natural lights in the office space improve worker satisfaction and productivity.

3) Facilities that boost productivity

With a monthly fee, you can access to shared business amenities such as meeting rooms, discussion booths, phone booths, break-out areas, printing stations.


Aesthetic break out areas available for members to hold informal discussions, relax or even hold a brainstorming session.

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Enjoy the facilities that focus on your wellbeing such as a pantry, napping pod, shower room, mothers room, games room.


Cosy napping pod for you to have your power nap.


Massage chair to loosen your muscle knots.

Scale your business by tapping to a rich resource of our business network

With a monthly membership fee, you get not only a productive working space and environment but also access to WORQ’s community and business network. Enjoy partner deals and exclusive invites to members-only events.

Below are some of the partner deals that you can enjoy as a WORQ member:

a) Enjoy discounts on Foundingbird – a digital company secretary, to register your company online.

b) Enjoy special rates and packages from Macrokiosk – a service provider for all digital solutions that you need.

c) Enjoy all transaction and subscription fees waived when you use Curlec to collect payments.

d) Enjoy free job posting on Forkwell – a job posting platform that connects software developers and data scientists to companies globally.

Other than that, upskills and exchange knowledge with fellow community members through our online Bonfires. You get to also join free webinars and conferences that are organised by our community partners.

Uplift Initiative by WORQ

Sign up today for a Private Office or a Dedicated Desk in a lockable room to enjoy a 25% discount off your membership fee. If you are on a budget and don’t mind working from an open space, WORQ is offering a 50% discount for the Hotdesk membership for the TTDI and KL Gateway outlet. Moreover, all our outlets are situated 5 minutes walk away from an LRT/MRT station. On top of that, you get a 24/7 access to your workspace with an ultrafast internet connection.


For more information, contact [email protected] or call +6010-767 6704 for a free consultation.


There’s no harm in wanting to change an environment to work, enjoy working a day from your favourite hotel to jazz things up. A coworking space will be your harbour for a productivity office with coworkers that provide needed social interaction and networking opportunities.