Coworking spaces have transformed the way we think about work environments, offering flexibility, community, and a break from the traditional office setup. In this article, we at WORQ will go through and debunk common misconceptions about the coworking space.

1. Only for Startups and Freelancers

Coworking Space Misconception #1: Only For Startup and Freelancer

Many people believe that coworking spaces misconception that they are only for startups and freelancers. While they are popular among these groups, many established businesses and corporations also utilize coworking spaces for their teams.

Freelancers and startups were early adopters of the coworking trend, the appeal and utility of shared workspaces have broadened significantly. Due to the versatility and cost-effectiveness of the space, large businesses are also in on the train.

2. Lack of Privacy

Coworking Space Misconception #1 : Lack of Privacy

Some think that coworking spaces are just large open rooms where everyone works together. In reality, many coworking spaces offer private offices, meeting rooms, and phone booths for confidential conversations. 

Coworking spaces foster a culture of respect and professionalism. Members are typically aware of the diverse range of businesses operating within the space and adhere to unwritten norms of not eavesdropping or intruding on others’ privacy.

3. Too Noisy

Coworking Space Misconception #3: Too noisy

There’s a coworking space misconception that coworking spaces are always noisy and bustling. While they can be energetic, many spaces have quiet zones or areas designated for focused work. 

There are phone booths where you can make your calls and the workspace are normally soundproof so you can talk as much as you want.

Besides that, everyone in the coworking space are mindful of their noise level, maintaining community etiquette and foster a culture of mutual respect.

4. Short-Term Solution

Coworking Space Misconception #4: Short Term Solution

Some view coworking as a temporary solution before a company gets its own office. While some businesses do transition out, others find the flexibility and community of coworking spaces beneficial long-term. This is another coworking space misconception.

There are two reasons why coworking space aren’t just short term solutions:

  1. They are scalable: As the company grows, they can upgrade from a hot desk to a dedicated desk within the same space. Furthermore, they can arrange the solution to adapt to their long term needs.
  2. They are cost-effective: Well-established companies recognize the benefits of having a coworking space as maintenance, amenities and even refreshments are included in the membership.

5. Unprofessional Environment

Coworking space # 5: Unprofessional Environment

There’s a belief that coworking spaces are too casual and lack professionalism. In reality, they host a diverse range of professionals and often hold events, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Many businesses can connect with one another to either have a casual interaction or a serious business dealings. It’s not uncommon for established corporations to use coworking spaces for specific projects or off-site meetings. Their presence underscores the professional viability of these spaces.

6. Limited Growth Opportunity

Coworking Space Misconception # 6: Limited Growth Opportunities

The misconception here is that coworking spaces can’t accommodate growing teams. As mention above, many coworking providers offer scalable solutions, allowing businesses to expand within the space.

Startups, freelancers and even businesses can learn from workshops and networking in the coworking space. These events can equip them with knowledge and insights, fostering growth and innovation.

Click here as examples of events for fostering growth.


Coworking spaces have emerged to the changing needs and preferences of today’s professionals. While they offer undeniable benefits, it’s crucial to approach them with a well-informed perspective. As we’ve explored, many of the common misconceptions about coworking spaces stem from unfamiliarity or outdated notions. As the lines between traditional and modern workspaces continue to blur, one thing is certain: coworking spaces are here to stay, and understanding them is key to leveraging their full potential.



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