WORQ Agents and Referrers Remuneration Programme

What can you get?

  • Commission for up to 160% of one-month workspace rental
  • 100% commision paid on first commencing month
  • Flexible working & high side income
  • Access to our exclusive Real Estate Agents Appreciation Day

Details of WORQ agents commission payment

We are pleased to update you with the latest remuneration programme for agents and referrers who help introduce customers to our esteemed company. Below are the remuneration packages updated for the reference of involved stakeholders.

Private Office, Hot Desks, Dedicated Desk for new customers only

Product: Virtual Office One-off commission Payment Schedule
6- months 50% one month VO membership fee commission commission paid on the first commencing month of the client
12- months 100% one month VO membership fee commission commission paid on the first commencing month of the client
Contract Period One-off commission Payment Schedule
< 6 Months 30% of one-month rental Commission paid on the first commencing month of the tenant
> 6 Months < 12 Months 100% of one-month rental 100% of commision paid on first commencing month.
≥ 12 Months 160% of one month rental 100% commission paid on first commencing month, and 30% paid on the 7th month, and the remaining payment on the 9th month

For the avoidance of doubt, any renewal from existing customers exceeding 12 months will not be subjected to new commission payout save and except for the cases of product upgrade and pax increase. At the same time, for clarity purposes, free trial and free rental period will not constitute into the calculations of payable commission.

Invoicing and payout policy
a) Agent commission invoice will be on or after commencement date of membership agreement.
b) Payout of commission will be effective after issuance of invoice by agent/broker.

Meeting Rooms and Event Hall for external customers only

Product One-off commission Exclusions
Event Hall 10% of event booking fee commission paid onthe first commencing month of the client Does not include food catering and other ancillary services
Meeting Rooms 10% of event booking fee commission paid onthe first commencing month of the client Does not include food catering and other ancillary services

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You might be wondering

Can anyone submit a referral?

This referral programme is open to our agents only.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

There is no limit, the more people you refer to WORQ, the higher commission you get! However, please keep in mind that we would like to bring in like-minded members who will contribute to the WORQ community.

What do I get if I successfully refer someone?

You can get up to 160% of a one-month monthly rental. Kindly refer to the table under “Details of WORQ agents commission payment” for more information.

Does my referral get anything?

Your referral will be entitled to 1-month free for each 12-month commitment, valid for Private Suites, Dedicated Desk, Hot Desk, and Virtual Office.

Apart from that, they will be officially a part of the WORQ community, meaning they will have access to awesome events, networking opportunities, and our online member network.

Does my referral have to pay deposit?

Yes, to be eligible for the discount, your referral is subjected to deposit.

  1. Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk: 1-month fee + RM200 deposit
  2. Private Office: 1-month fee for 6-month agreement or 2-month fee for 12-month agreement

What WORQ locations can my referral access under this programme?

Your referral have the option to work in one of our available locations, currently in KL Sentral, TTDI, Bangsar South, and Subang Jaya.

When will I receive my commission?

Payment schedule is different based on the product being referred and the contract period taken by your referral.

Private Office, Hot Desk, and Dedicated Desk:

  1. < 6 months: On the first commencing month of the tenant
  2. 6-12 months: 50% of commission paid on first commencing month; subsequent amount paid equally on the remaining months.
  3. > 12 months: 100% commission paid on first commencing month; 30% paid on the 7th month; the remaining payment on the 9th month.

Virtual Office:

  1. Commission is paid on the first commencing month of the client.

How will I know if my referral has joined WORQ?

You’ll get an email notification from WORQ as soon as your referral joins our community.

Whom can I refer?

Someone you know and/or have worked with who you think would be a great fit for the WORQ community. It can be a family member, friend, or someone you’ve met who’s interested in becoming a member.

Certain referrals are not eligible for

  1. walk-in referrals,
  2. referrals that are current or previous WORQ members,
  3. referrals that previously contacted WORQ for memberships or attended a WORQ event,
  4. referrals that are a company or entity in which you are a partner, or owner of a controlling interest,
  5. a company/entity that is a subsidiary, affiliate, or entity related to you or your employer,
  6. a company/entity with the same parent entity as you, your employer,
  7. any affiliate or entity related to you or your employer.

What products/services can I collect commission for?

WORQ will pay commission for qualified referrals who sign membership agreements for Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Office, and Virtual Office.

How long will this remuneration programme be valid for?

There is no validity at this point of time. However, WORQ reserves the right to discontinue the member’s referral program at any given time. Notification will be given at least 2 weeks to all agents before the programme is discontinued.

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What they love about us

WORQ helps us very flexibly. We are stress-free from various licenses and maintenance matters.

Hideki FujitaCEO of Segnel Creative

The company needed a cost-efficient and practical solution for workspace. When we were thinking about upscaling, the WORQ team was already thinking ahead with solutions.

Xavier Arvind DavidExecutive Director, Operations of Keypath Education

WORQ has very kindly agreed for us to take up the public lounge area and provided us with more private phone booths. Layout design and renovations were done within a month.

Elyse ChongDeputy Region Head, SEA of Telum Media

Working at WORQ has given me a different exposure than a regular office. It is very cozy and comfortable hence it influences the mood daily to perform better at work.

Sheera NairHR & Admin Sr. Executive of Ganad Media