Let’s take a sneak peek at the 2024 Budget, shall we? Picture it as a smart game plan for our money and future. It’s not just about saving and spending but growing our cash in cool, steady ways. We’re talking less fancy talk and more real-world plans that affect us all. So, stick around, and let’s figure out how this big money chat can make everyday life a bit better for folks like us.

High Growth High Value Sector - Budget 20241. Injecting RM1.5 Billion For HGHV Sectors

Government-Linked Investment Companies, known as GLICs, are set to funnel RM1.5 billion into backing start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses. The goal? To nudge these entrepreneurs into sectors that promise big growth and high returns. It aims to accelerate growth in various sectors like technology, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing.

High-growth, high-value sectors, or HGHV in short, are those parts of the economy where big changes and serious money are happening. We’re talking about areas that aren’t just growing fast, but also have the potential to rake in solid profits. Imagine industries that are all about the “next big thing” – like cutting-edge tech, green energy, or life-changing medical advances. These are the places where smart ideas can turn into big wins for everyone involved.


2. RM28 Million Into MYStartup To Support Startups

So, Budget 2024 is throwing RM28 million into MYStartup platform.

Here’s the deal: MYStartup is like a launchpad for new businesses. It’s packed with the good stuff startups need – think cash, connections, and classes. And with this cash boost, it’s set to help more businesses turn their brainwaves into booming businesses.

What’s it mean for the up-and-comers in the business world? Well, it’s a big thumbs up for their future as Malaysia doubling down on making sure these small ventures have the space to grow, innovate, and pump new energy into our economy.

3. RM2.4 Billion – Big Bucks For Local Biz

We’re talking about a hefty RM2.4 billion ready to roll out to the MSMEs. This cash can be grabbed through big-name money handlers like Bank Negara, BSN, and Tekun. This helps to enhance their resilience and market competitiveness. It’s a clear nod from the top that these small and medium outfits aren’t just the little guys; they’re the backbone of our job scene and economy. And now, they’ve got the heavy financial firepower to prove it.


4. RM1 Billion To Supercharge Tech-driven Businesses

On the other hand, Budget 2024 is playing it smart, setting aside RM100 million for MSMEs to give their systems a major upgrade. But wait, there’s more – a solid RM900 million is sitting pretty, ready to be loaned out to push these businesses into automation and digitalization.

What’s all this cash going to do? It’s about handing the right tech tools to these MSMEs so they can hold their own in this digital race. By throwing money into things like automation, they’re looking at doing more, spending less, and breaking into new playgrounds. It’s not just survival; it’s about gearing up for some serious growth.

Budget 2024 increase loans and financing Guarantees

5. RM44B Power-Boost for Small Businesses!

BSN is allocating RM1.4 billion for microloans to assist hawkers and small traders with their business operations, while Tekun is setting aside RM300 million for micro-financing, specifically aiding small-scale entrepreneurs like batik makers, handicraft artists, and indigenous communities in Malaysia, including Bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak.

New Straits Times

Check this out: Budget 2024 is slapping down a cool RM44 billion for the little guys in business, the MSMEs, all across Malaysia. We’re talking loans and promises that the cash will be there. This move is like a mega painkiller for money headaches, pushing these small players to dream big—expanding, inventing, and growing like never before.

This cash and these promises show the bigwigs are all-in on keeping MSMEs strong and growing, knowing they’re the big deal in our money world. So, whether it’s cash to keep going, loan loot for growing, or finance for tech toys, MSMEs have got what they need to shoot for the stars.


6. AIM’s Role In Empowering Startups

Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) is the big player when it comes to boosting small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs all over Malaysia. Why? Because Budget 2024 is throwing RM100 million their way, all through AIM.

AIM’s been handing out micro-loans to help folks and small-time ventures get the cash they need to kick off or level up. With this fresh cash injection, AIM’s looking to spread the love even wider, giving more Malaysians a shot at being self-reliant as their own boss.

The government’s all about making sure everyone gets a piece of the economic pie. They want even the tiniest businesses to shine and pour into Malaysia’s money pot. With AIM in their corner, they’re pushing for more entrepreneurs and a fairer slice of the wealth for everyone.

Boosting Malaysia’s Startups

Budget 2024 in Malaysia is like a financial master plan, built to tackle today’s tricky economic tides and set up shop for a booming tomorrow. And guess what? WORQ is super pumped to team up with the big guns, ready to turbocharge our local startups. We’re talking about laying down a solid groove of support, dishing out cool WORQ spaces, and packing a punch with resources through our tight-knit community programs. We’re not just spectators; we’re in the game, pushing the startup squad to the front lines of success!


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