9 different types of coworking space products you can benefit from

Anyone who wishes to be in a more lively workspace setting can go to a coworking space. In a shared setting, it is a place where businesses may thrive and collaborate with others. Being in a coworking space is energising for greater productivity because of the collaboration culture it encourages.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces made their appearance as a result of people aiming to work or grow businesses as well as make connections. Collaboration and innovation are promoted through the environment itself.

Flexibility is what makes it unique from conventional offices as coworking spaces have lots to offer. Coworking spaces, especially in Kuala Lumpur, provide open and private spaces, all according to the member’s needs.

Furthermore, with coworking, communities are bound to arise. The community in a coworking space usually finds a way to work together despite having different businesses or occupations. In a shared workspace, it becomes a pool of talents and skills.

Why choose a coworking space?

By becoming a member of a coworking space, you can engage with a community of professionals. People from different backgrounds can work together and exchange ideas and information that will benefit the business needs. Coworking spaces also have social events to encourage interaction and partnerships.

Additionally, it is very cost-effective. With one subscription, you can have all the necessary facilities provided, such as meeting rooms and a printing service. That way, it is more affordable to rent an office space in coworking rather than taking a lease in conventional office spaces.

Lastly, coworking spaces are flexible for consumers as they can choose to subscribe to any type of office they prefer. Research has shown that the nature of work will change to be more flexible. Coworking spaces are more affordable than conventional office space, which require a significant investment to make them flexible.

What are the different types of coworking space products?

Coworking spaces provide you with the facilities and flexibility that might suit your business needs. However, the challenge is determining which type meets your requirements and objectives. To help you understand your options, there are 9 types of coworking space products available.

1. Private Office


If you want a mix of traditional office and coworking, the private office is the one for you. You will be equipped with a lockable office to maintain privacy but still be available to enjoy all the amenities, all in with one subscription. You and your team will also be able to connect with people inside the coworking space wherever and whenever.

2. Hot Desk


Limited budget but in need of an office? This is the best solution to your problem. It is the most cost-saving workspace where you work in an open area. Worry not, you can still make use of the amenities like the fully-stocked pantry. Get your work done and collaborate at the same time!

3. Dedicated Desk


This is a dedicated workspace just for you. Normally, it is not situated in an open space, but rather you would be working in a shared private office space. That way, even if it is a shared office, you are the only one who can use the desk.

4. Flex Desk


Need your team to work on rotations? Perhaps, half of them work from home while the other half work in the office. Then, this is the best choice for you. Payment will be done based on the workspace you require instead of the number of pax. Save that budget while having the flexibility to scale up or down your workspace.

5. All Access


Need to move between places and want different vibes each day? All Access allows you to choose where and when you want to get your job done. You can change locations any time you wish and work all across Kuala Lumpur, or even Klang Valley, in selected coworking spaces.

6. Virtual Office


Opting for a virtual office at a coworking space sets you up with a business address where you can come occasionally or receive mail. It focuses on the things you need on demand.

7. Meeting Room

WORQ Bangsar South Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are set up in coworking spaces for members and non-members to use. It is usually equipped with TV to ensure a smooth discussion.

8. Event Space


Event spaces are ideally equipped with a complete audio system, a projector, lighting, and recording tools. Event spaces in coworking spaces can cater to small to big audiences. It is fully customisable to your preferences.

9. Enterprise Solutions


Do you want an office space based on your brand identity? Enterprise solutions are capable of that as it is a customisable office that is built based on your concept and preference. It is a flexible and hassle-free alternative where upsizing and downsizing are made easy.

WORQ as a coworking space provider

As a leading coworking space and flexible office provider in Malaysia, WORQ prides itself on the large community that is built around it. Inside WORQ, there are a lot of people with different backgrounds and company sizes, from small startups to established enterprises.

WORQ focuses on flexibility and productivity. To ensure this, WORQ is opening new outlets to be accessible to more people. Next up, WORQ KL Sentral is opening, located at a green-design building – Menara 1 Sentrum, and connected to the biggest KL transportation hub, major highways, and shopping malls.

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