It all started with a powerful idea – to create an entrepreneurship community in Asia. 

WORQ has indeed come a long way since its inception in March 2017. 

If you have not heard, we are immensely proud to have secured RM10 million in funding from various investors, namely Philip Capita, and loan offers from 6 different banks!

We have always endeavoured to provide innovative and flexible real estate solutions to cater to our member’s business needs, while also creating a platform for members to leverage business opportunities. Therefore, this fund will be instrumental in creating more possibilities for thriving Start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs throughout Malaysia. 

WORQ the community builder

What We Intend to Do

With the funding in hand, WORQ intends to grow its footprint to an estimated 1 million square feet in the span of 5 years. We plan to add more outlets across Malaysia, as well as expand our current outlets in hopes to bring about more diverse hyper-localised communities, even in suburban locations. 

“A community workstyle is powerful because, at any moment that you need help or someone to collaborate with, you will find great value in being able to tap into the community.” – Stephanie Ping 

Community Builder Aiming High, Growing Fast To Capture The Flex-space Market

What WORQs for You

Our strategies have always been about creating a WORQ-able solution for businesses by offering more cost-efficient and end-to-end real estate solutions. Following the events of the pandemic, our disaster relief site solution (Business Continuity Planning) offers companies with a space-on-standby. 

We have also extended our services to include WORQ Enterprise – a space-on-demand division allowing companies to customize their workspaces, increasing productivity while saving up to a staggering 30% in costs every month. 

We are also in the midst of developing and launching our SPARQ app in early 2021 to the public. The App offers borderless and limitless networking, allowing the user to seek the right crowd and get insights through collaboration. A one-stop solution to grow your business and gain more opportunities. 

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All in all… 

WORQ community builders

We are community builders, dedicated to redefining the experience of working together. We believe that a community workstyle fosters impactful collaboration, thus allowing its members to grow and learn from one another.  

In the following years, we truly hope to be able to provide businesses with innovative solutions and expanding opportunities on a larger scale and create diverse communities across multiple locations in Malaysia. 

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