The Vision of KL20 Summit

Held on 22-23 April 2024, the KL20 Summit is set to transform Kuala Lumpur into a major player on the global startup scene. Organized by Malaysia’s Ministry of Economy, this summit is not just an event but a strategic initiative to elevate Kuala Lumpur into the top 20 global startup hubs by 2030. The government’s commitment is to foster a thriving ecosystem for startups, venture capitalists, and innovators.

Goals of the KL20 Summit

The summit aims to create a fertile ground for startups by:

  • Enhancing connectivity between investors, startups, and entrepreneurs.
  • Introducing policies that facilitate easier access to capital and talent.
  • Launching the KL20 Action Paper, which outlines a roadmap for tech sector growth and the attraction of top-tier global talent

Strategies to Achieve These Goals

To achieve these ambitious goals, KL20 is focusing on:

  • Policy reforms and marquee initiatives such as Visa Green-laning for talent, VC Golden Pass for investors, and advanced infrastructure for tech companies.
  • Networking events, workshops, and panel discussions led by global industry leaders to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Resolve the challenges in the venture capital (VC) ecosystem through the Malaysian Venture Capital Roadmap (MVCR

Support for Startups

KL20’s structure is designed to support startups in multiple ways:

  • A Vibrant Startup Community – Physical hubs to connect with investors, startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Large Addressable Market  – Global and regional total addressable market (TAM) boost.
  • Available Funding At All Stages – Easily deployed VC funds locally.
  • Accessible Talents – Readily accessible to international talent.
  • Seamless Business Environment – Government support and resource to grow.

Industries Set to Benefit

Several key sectors are poised to benefit significantly from the KL20 Summit:

  • Tech and Digital – Insights into emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity, helping companies stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • Manufacturing and Automation – Advancements in automation and smart manufacturing, encouraging companies to adopt new technologies that enhance efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Agritech and Greentech – Discussions on climate-smart agriculture and renewable energy initiatives provide strategies for companies to contribute to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.
  • Islamic Finance – Panels discussing the regulatory landscapes and innovative financial instruments can help participants navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in Islamic finance.

Additionally, Coworking benefits thanks to the increased occupancy due to rising number of startups seeking flex work, hosting events that are part of the KL20 agenda, and enhanced collaboration with startups and tech companies.

The KL20 Summit 2024 is more than just a gathering; it’s a catalyst for change in Kuala Lumpur’s economic landscape. Furthermore, by fostering a robust startup ecosystem, the summit not only enhances the local tech community but also creates substantial opportunities for various industries.


Explore how we can grow and foster talents in Malaysia through the panel discussion:

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Key takeaways:

  • Today’s talent is empowered through self-driven learning, beyond formal education. At WORQ, we support community-driven events like Tech Bonfire and Lunch & Learn.
  • Thanks to efforts from MDEC, MRANTI, and SIDEC, Malaysia is becoming a top destination for startups through initiatives such as MTEP and De Rantau.
  • Inspire your team to take the leap! With support systems in place and valuable insights, even our employee No.4 has started her own ventures.
  • Flex work is increasingly crucial, we have to tailor work environments to fit our team’s unique work styles to ensure everyone hits their goals.


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