Private Office

A fully-furnished, customised office that's exclusively yours

Suitable for: Small or medium-sized businesses and satellite teams looking for their own exclusive office

Why Choose Private Office

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Private Office

RM 700 per pax / month

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Work in a lockable, private office dedicated to your team

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Customize how much space you need

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24/7 access to the workspace

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Wi-fi, printer, and other amenities to support productivity

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Fully-stocked pantry

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Connect with a dynamic community of professionals

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Private Office FAQ

Will I be sharing my private office with other people?

With a Private Office, you have the workspace to yourself. However, you still have to share amenities such as a lounge area and meeting room with other WORQ members.

Can I use the WORQ outlet where my private office located as my business address?

Of course, you can! All of our members in the Private Office are entitled to a business address.

Do I get 24-hour access to the private office?

Yes, on a Private Office plan, you can access our outlet any time you want!

Am I allowed to bring guests?

You are! Feel free to bring 3 (three) people for 3 (hours), free of charge.

What are the operational hours of the air conditioner in the outlet?

Normally, the air conditioner is operational from 9 am to 10 pm daily.

As a private office member, do I have access to the printer?

Yes, you get RM20 free credits for printing. The printing fee is RM0.10 for black & white and RM0.50 for color on A4 paper.