How to Build a Winning Team through Cogent Work Styles Assessment

If you are a start-up founder, leading a start-up team or a VC – then this is definitely for you.

If you are managing a team at work and trying hard to get them to work together or raise their game several notches, you will probably find a lot of resources here as well.

Event Details:

📅Date: 23rd August 2023 (Wednesday)
⏰Time: 7.00PM – 9.00PM
📍Venue: WORQ TTDI, Lot 3A-01A, Level 3A, Glo Damansara Shopping Mall, 699, Jln Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur


Why Should You Attend

Why is it that you perform excellently well in one situation and struggled to even keep up in another?

Why is it that you like to work in some teams despite the team members being average performers and seems to take more effort in another despite that team being supportive and friendly?

As a leader, how do you know who to select in forming teams, especially when managing mission critical projects?

When you have one person who’s constantly disrupting the team synergy, how would you manage that person?

How do you know what are the gaps within teams that are derailing progress and missing delivery deadlines?

This talk will answer all of the questions above and more.

You might even win a complementary detailed assessment to show you where and how you can become a peak performing leader.

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What Will Be Covered

  • How to form a team when you’re getting started
  • How to delegate objectively and strategically
  • Typical pitfalls to look out for when building a team, and
  • Answers to your questions about how to manage actual team situations

And exciting Q&A sessions!

 About The Speaker

Murphy Lum has accumulated over 20 years helping leaders of multinational companies, government-linked companies and public listed companies in and outside Malaysia to sustain peak performance amongst teams.

His approaches include gamified leadership assessments and development activities, measurable coaching engagements and personalised action learning sessions.

In view of his sterling track record, he was invited by a market-leading global energy multinational company to design, develop & deliver their internal leadership framework for its leaders across Asia-Pacific region.

Pete Pereira has been facilitating senior leadership teams around Asia and Malaysia over the past 23 years.

He has also designed several assessments aimed at helping teams understand their dynamics and function effectively.

The Work Styles Team Assessment, which will be highlighted in this session, is one such example.

He may not have the answer to all your team challenges but he will certainly have lots of stories and actual case studies to share