From Hype to Reality: AI Applications Transforming Healthcare

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on the transformative impact of AI in healthcare! Discover how AI accelerates diagnosis, enhances patient care, and aids drug discovery. Learn from experts like Dr. Jun Sese from Humanone, Prof. Dr. Zaleha from UKM Medical Centre, and Dr. Kev Lim from QMED Asia, moderated by Mr. Abdul Hakim from Leave a Nest.

Event Details:

πŸ“…Date: 25th June 2024 (Tuesday)
⏰Time: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
πŸ“Venue: WORQ Bangsar

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Healthcare is a very delicate industry as it deals with humans’ health. The faster results are being received by the medical doctors help with the diagnosis in a shorter timeframe.

Today, there are huge amount of data gathered from the field and availability of large datasets (Big Data), the Healthcare industry is now able to work out algorithms to recognise the patterns in medical data through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the diagnosis that AI applications in the Healthcare industry comes with, the technology enables patient care management, drug discovery, and healthcare administration. Did you know that, with today’s technology, radiologists are able to diagnose an illness of an individual with the help of AI? Indeed, a bright future for healthcare to evolve innovatively with technology.