Building Resilient Startups in Uncertain Times


Are you a startup founder struggling to navigate through a volatile market? Hungry for clear paths to scale your business? Unsure about the avenues available out there to scale your startup post-KL 20? Then, this panel discussion is for you!

Startups face uncertainties due to changing market conditions, global events, and consumer behaviors. To survive, startups must be agile and adaptable.​​The KL-20 Summit ignited a firestorm of activity in Malaysia’s startup ecosystem. Now, you might be wondering: how can I leverage this momentum to propel my own startup’s growth? 

Join us for an insightful conversation with experienced Venture Capitalists (VCs) and seasoned founders in the house as they share key strategies for building resilient startups and scaling ahead successfully.

Event Details:

📅Date: 19th July 2024 (Friday)
⏰Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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7:00PMRegistration & Dinner
7:40PMWelcome speech by WORQ
7:50PMFounders’ Open Mic
8:00PMPanel + Open Q&A Discussion

What You’ll Learn:

Practical strategies from founders: Hear success stories from startup founders who have successfully raised funds and scaled their startups in an uncertain market condition. How did they emerge stronger?

Expert insights from VCs: Gain perspectives on what VCs look for in resilient startups and how to position your company for success in a challenging environment.

Building a growth mindset: Discover how to cultivate an adaptable and innovative approach to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities in a changing market.

Financial resilience: Explore strategies for managing cash flow, securing funding, and optimizing resources to ensure your startup’s long-term sustainability.

Building a strong team culture: Learn how to foster a supportive and collaborative team environment that thrives under pressure.

Who Should Attend:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • VCs / Investors
  • Business owners

Here’s why you should be part of this:

Networking opportunities with investors, founders and seasoned entrepreneurs.
Gain actionable insights on how to build a future-proof business..
Learn firsthand advice from both VCs and founders about tips on fundraising and scaling your startup.
Ask your questions during the open Q&A session.

Don’t miss this chance to meet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the house! Register now to be part of this vibrant Malaysian startup ecosystem! Is your startup future-proof? Learn the secrets of resilience from VCs and founders who’ve been there, done that.

Speakers Profile :

Najla Zamri
Senior Manager, Antler

Najla Zamri is a Senior Manager at Antler Malaysia. Prior to Antler, she was a senior consultant at HSBC and McKinsey & Co working on strategy, and digital transformation projects regionally. Najla has also been active in startups where she held roles with an edtech company and co-founded a fintech startup.

Mohamed “Mo” Tarek El-Fatatry
Founder, ERTH

Mohamed “Mo” Tarek El-Fatatry, founder of ERTH, revolutionized e-waste recycling in Malaysia, collecting 2,000 tons. Serving clients like Maxis, DHL, and Shell, his work earned him recognition among Asia’s Most Influential and Finland’s Internationalization Award for his leadership and innovation in social entrepreneurship.

Madiha Fuad
CEO & Founder, PlusVibes Group

Madiha Fuad is an international speaker and entrepreneur, was awarded Women of the Future Global 50 Rising Stars in ESG 2022. As Founder and CEO of PlusVibes Group, she created a mental healthtech platform with 50,000 members and 19,000 therapy sessions. Madiha excels in HR, mental health, corporate culture, and women empowerment, conducting workshops and inspiring self-development.