WORQ Is Here To Be Your Business Continuity Partner

Business continuity planning is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company. In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing operations before and during executions of disaster recovery. Reach out to us to find how we can tailor solutions for your business as an alternative work site!
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WORQ GLO Damansara
WORQ GLO Damansara
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WORQ GLO Damansara
WORQ GLO Damansara
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WORQ GLO Damansara
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What are some BCP situations that may impact your business


Occupational Safety Hazards
e.g bulding unsafe for occupancy


Accident & Impediments
e.g such as fire, explosives, leakage


Social Unrest
e.g such as the recent Hong Kong riots


Utilities & Infrastructure Breakdown
failure in internet, connectivity services, electricity


Natural Disasters
earthquake, flooding


Infectious Disease
COVID-19, SARS, pandemic

Avoid putting all your teams in one "basket"

Option 1: Alternate Between WORQ & Your Office
Team takes turn to work at the company's main site to keep in touch with head office.

WORQ BCP Insurance

Option 2: Split Team To Multiple WORQ Sites
Teams are housed in different locations to reduce the risk of an entire company being affected at once by a disaster situation.

WORQ BCP Insurance

" Alternate your teams between sites to reduce the risk of an entire company being affected by a disaster situation. "

Price Plan

Choose a membership option that suits you best.

Hot Desk

Any desk in an open space area

RM400-500 / mth

price per pax

Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desk in an open space area

RM700-900 / mth

price per pax

Private Suite

Private lockable room

Starting from

RM700-900 / mth

price per pax

Virtual Office

Elevate your business

RM150 / mth

Be part of the community

We also have an activate-able space “Insurance” just for you

Don’t need a space immediately, but want to be able to have one within 24-48 hours of a disaster? Sign up for our longer term BCP “space insurance” product.

  • Guaranteed space for your team with 24-48 hours upon activation.

  • Ready technology setup ahead of time; our in-house IT team will work with your company to setup and maintain requirements.

  • Conduct Test Days with your team in advance, to prepare for when disaster strikes!

WORQ BCP Insurance

Why WORQ as your Business Continuity Partner

Quick Turn-around Time

Quick and easy to set-up. We’re here for you 365 days a year. Experienced in catering to MNC’s from 100 - 300 pax within 3 days.

On-site IT Support

Ability to meet and support technology requirements. Provide access to our Hardware as a Service (Haas) if required.

24/7 Access

Our space is accessible 24/7, ensuring critical operations are not affected.

Guaranteed Space

With a guaranteed office space, you can be sure that an alternative workspace is always available in any emergency.

Interested to explore our Enterprise Solutions? Click here to learn more.


Designed for your utmost convenience.


Ultra Fast Internet


Printers & Scanners


Community Events


Meeting Rooms


Dispatch Service


Mail Handling


Cleaning Services

Testimonials from MNC companies

Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards

"WORQ has been servicing our biggest division for the past year and we think they did a great job accommodating us in a short turn-around time. They are great at what they do and it makes a lot of sense for them, who are experts in this field, to handle our real estate and free up our time.“

- WL Chee, Chief Finance Officer
Global Media Company

Coworker Member's Choice Awards

"Thank you for making the impossible, possible."

- Finance Lead, Global Media Company

Malaysian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association

"The Finlab's first landing pad in Malaysia was at WORQ and the team has been so supportive in curating a space that is perfect for running our Jom Transform programme and workshops for our community."

- Jaime, Marketing Manager
ASEAN Leading Bank

Awards & Accreditation

2022 ASEAN Winners of Best Coworking Space Malaysia

2022 ASEAN Winners of
Best Coworking Space Malaysia

SEA Business Awards 2022

SEA Business Awards 2022
Most Accommodating Coworking Space (Malaysia)

ORIGIN Inno Awards 2021

TechNode Global ORIGIN Awards 2021
Best Community Builder

Coworker Member's Choice Awards

Coworker Member's Choice Awards
2019 Winner
(Shah Alam)

Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards

Coworker Member's Choice Awards
2019 Winner
(Kuala Lumpur)

Malaysian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association

Outstanding Incubator/Coworking Space
2018 Winner

Coworker Member's Choice Awards

Coworker Member's Choice Awards
2018 Winner

Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards

Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards
Best Coworking Space 2017

Accreditation & Compliance

Malaysia Digital Hub

Malaysia Digital Hub
Conferred by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Safety measures

COVID-19 prevention activities.

Travel/Declaration Form Upon Entering Space

Free Masks For All Members/Guests

Hand Sanitizers Placed At Every Corner Of The Space

Sanitising Solution Given To All Members

Temperature Check For All Members/Guests

Cancelled Events To Prevent Large Crowds

Health measures

Health & safety measures.

Adjacent And In-Building Covered Carpark

24/7 Lighted Walkways To Carpark

Availability Of Pepper Spray For Loan At Front Desk

Building Guards and Security

Skin Health UV Ray Window Tinting At All Our Spaces

CCTV Monitoring

Choose from our Award Winning locations to operate from

Operate from multiple locations to reduce your operational risk, so you can alternate your teams between locations, and avoid the risk of impacting your whole team if they were to be in one location. You can be assured that we have put in place the best health and safety procedures in all our locations.


WORQ Subang

WORQ Bangsar South

Don't have a time to visit? Take a virtual tour

Use this feature to see what our space looks like without coming over!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? No worries!

Business Continuity Plan

What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Insurance that WORQ is offering?

BCP Insurance is a guaranteed space for your business for times of disaster such as flooding, electricity outage, building issues, contagion (e.g. COVID19).
When a BCP situation arises, you may activate this BCP insurance with WORQ and get an alternative business site within 24-48 hours with the required number of seats ready for move in.

This is so that your business operations and risks are controlled. You may choose to purchase this for your whole team, or only for your most critical functions. WORQ recommends that you set up your I.T. functions with us in advance so that it is always on standby for you to move your team into a ready plug-and-play place when the situation arises.


How does the BCP Insurance work?

With the insurance plan in place, you can gain access to an alternative office space at any of our WORQ locations:

for anywhere between 10 to 50 pax or more within 24 hours of a disaster. We can customise the quote for you!

If you are registered with us for the BCP Insurance, WORQ will have your requirements ahead of time. For example:

– Number of pax
– Access cards prepare
– Office space setup
– Internet/technology requirements catered for

so you are able to come into our space and plug-and-play immediately.


How much are the charges?

For 3-6 month plan – charges are at RM 7.00 per pax/day

For a 1 year plan – charges are at RM 6.30 per pax/day

For a 3 year plan – charges are at RM 5.50 per pax/day

For all plans, there is a minimum of 10 pax commitment for the duration, calculations will assume 30 days per month (e.g. 3 months = 90 day charge, 1 year = 360 day charge)

Payment to be made at the start of the month and on a monthly basis for the duration of the plan.


How long will I be able to use WORQ’s office for?

Once triggered, you will be able to use WORQ’s office for up to 30 days maximum duration within the plan period. This does not need to be contiguous and can be split throughout the period.

(For Example, you may purchase a one year plan starting January – December. In March, an emergency at HQ triggers you to utilise your seats for 5 days at WORQ, you have 25 days left to be utilised until December).

What do I get with these charges?

– Office workstation setup (Office desk, table, high speed internet)
– Access to space 24/7 with manned frontdesk (9am-9pm Mon to Fri ; Based on request – Sat to Sun)
– No extra or hidden costs for discussion rooms, phone booths, nap pods, games room and a fully stocked pantry (coffee, tea & snacks included)
– Fully equipped meeting rooms (projector, whiteboard, AV conference system and meeting room discounts of 10% off normal prices)
– In-house IT support team for troubleshooting
– Air-conditioning from 8am – 10pm
– Covered walkways and access to public transport (LRT/MRT/KTM) within 300m
– Community team in charge of events, networking and exclusive perks


What happens when I trigger my BCP plan with WORQ?

If you are registered for BCP Insurance with WORQ, you will be given a contact liaison’s number who will be the main coordinating person between WORQ and your company. You will need to notify the following details:

– Number of pax
– Name of pax + contact numbers
– Duration utilising WORQ site for
– Estimated time required for move in

Once notified, WORQ will proceed to setup the required space for the allotted number of pax signed on for the BCP insurance at any of our sites with capacity.

We will prepare the following for your team:

– Access card for the space
– Office table & chair arrangements
– Wifi password
– Frontdesk on standby

Depending on the state of emergency and the requirements, you may be able to move in within the day itself with at least 3 hours advanced notice. We will endeavour to provide you a space based on stated requirements within that period or at least 24-48 hours after first notification if there are additional requirements needed to be satisfied.


Will I have my IT Setup ahead of time to prepare for a BCP situation?

Yes, our IT team will work with you to setup in advance. We have an in-house IT team able to cater to your requirements as opposed to remote support, for speed, efficiency and urgency during your hour of need.

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