Imagine running a business that is heavily reliant on people working in offices and businesses looking to grow their teams. Well, during COVID, the impact on these types of businesses – co-working and office rentals, was significantly impacted. However, amidst the challenges, one company preserved and even managed to come out stronger after the restrictions were eased in Malaysia.

That’s exactly what WORQ, one of the largest co-working communities in Malaysia, did and they were able to flourish during the MCOs (lockdown periods in Malaysia). At the forefront of their success was Stephanie Ping, the co-founder & CEO of WORQ.

We wanted to find out what tech tools Stephanie used with her team to help manage and grow the business during this period. She graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Economics and M.S. in Management Science & Engineering, where her experience with Stanford’s entrepreneurship community played a significant role in shaping her vision for WORQ’s entrepreneurial community.