Bring your laptop, find a cozy spot, and get to work

RM 300 / month*

Equivalent to RM10 per day

  • Any desk in an open space area
  • 24 / 7 access
  • RM70 Meeting Room Credits Information

Private Suite

Enjoy the privacy and security of your own suite

RM 500 / month*

Equivalent to RM16 per day

  • Private lockable room
  • 24 / 7 access
  • RM100 Meeting Room Credits Information
  • Lockable filing cabinet

Day Passes Available


*Prices stated as "Starting Price" per pax per month.

Every inch of space is designed for your utmost convenience

FREE Ultra Fast Internet

And dedicated connection, no worries about oversubscription

FREE Printers & Scanners

Scan for free and print for a small pass through cost of 10 cents per B&W print

FREE Community Events

Events to connect and learn

FREE Meeting Rooms

Collaborative spaces that can be booked as and when needed

Dispatch Service

Your dispatch, pickup, and delivery processes will be taken care off as efficiently as possible

Conference Facilities

Fully equipped with ceiling-mounted projectors, LCD TV, flipcharts, notepads, pens and refreshments

Mail Handling

We received, hold and distribute your mail all day every day

Way more than what you bargain for

Unlimited FREE Coffee

FREE Fully Stocked Pantry

FREE Showers

FREE Massage Chairs

FREE Gym Equipment

FREE Games Room

FREE Sleeping Pods

About WORQ coworking space

Some other burning questions

Is the wifi stable with so many people using the space?

With 13 wifi access points - each catering to 100 devices; both Unifi and Time as ISPs, and full-time tech support, we've got you covered.

How much is parking?

Parking is RM10 per day at Glo Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, if you drop your ticket with us when you come in. Season passes are RM150 per month, subject to availability.

Will there be enough meeting rooms?

We have 2 meeting rooms available to members (not only private suite members) and 6 meeting rooms open to public.

Can the hotdesk and dedicated desks use facilities of private suite members?

They absolutely can. Our sleep pods, shower, powder room and mini-gym are available to all members. We leave no man/woman behind when it comes to creature comforts.

Who are WORQ's members?

Much like the melting pot that is Malaysia, our members come from a range of industries and professions - from beauty to artificial intelligence, venture capitalists to lawyers.

Are you really 24/7?

Yup and we believe we're the first in KL to be the 7-11 of coworking offices! For all you night owls, come work amongst your other vampire friends.

Can I bring visitors / guests?

Yes - spouses and babies too! Just register with the friendly front of house team to get them access.

What's so great about the location?

TTDI, Kuala Lumpur is slowly becoming an entrepreneruship hub with a coding school, startups, VC offices all in the vicinity. We think it's cause we're at the intersection of PJ and KL - making it a great meeting spot.

Can I bring in my own furniture and appliances?

Yes, but best to check with one of the WORQ crew. We do have some limitations on size and electrical usage but if it's small, isn't a safety hazard then we'll likely be happy to accommodate.

Is it really cheaper than working at a café?

It sure is. Hotdesks work out to RM10 per day; dedicated desks are RM13 per day and private suites RM16 per day. With your caffeine and snacking needs also taken care of, need we say more?

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